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Paleo Thai Cabbage Slaw

Paleo Thai Cabbage Slaw

This paleo thai cabbage slaw recipe is incredible. Thai flavors are very savory in the mouth and sometimes sweet and savory at the same time. I love to serve this clean dish with my Paleo Thai Fish Skewers and in fact I use the same marinade for each, so you can save yourself lots of time if you want to make both together.

Let’s talk a bit more about the fish skewers mentioned above. I can eat fish every day and never tire of it plus I love to change the way I serve it. These skewers are an absolutely easy and fast recipe and a good one for someone who wants to try grilling fish for the first time. Don’t be afraid of the grill with this one. It is a perfect paleo summer time recipe served with my paleo fudgesicles or any other of my paleo desserts, and of course alongside this cabbage slaw!

This is an adaptation of a recipe I read in a magazine and unfortunately I do not recall which one it was as I tried it out of my pile of “try these out one day” recipes. I altered it somewhat to ensure it is paleo, dairy-free, grain-free and sugar-free plus it has the option to be less spicy too, yet it defeats the purpose if you take out the spices.

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