Giveaway Rules


There is never a purchase necessary to enter or win.


All Giveaways have been furnished by a Sponsor or have been purchased by  ( is wholly owned by TTAT, Inc. Any reference to Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes in the below rules shall infer and TTAT, Inc.) Paleo Gluten Free Recipes and/or the Sponsor assume no responsibility for any winnings lost in transit for whatever reason.

Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes is the organizer, promoter and runs all giveaways unless otherwise stated. Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes may work with one or more Sponsors, PR or marketing companies, further classified as “Sponsor.”

Any and all communication regarding this Giveaway is to be directed to Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes only. Attempting to do otherwise will disqualify you from winning.

For this Giveaway, you must adhere to the Requirements of this Giveaway to enter. The requirements are listed on the Giveaway Page for the length of the Giveaway and will be taken down shortly after the winners are broadly announced.

International entries: You are welcome to enter. If you win, you must have the item shipped to a U.S. RESIDENCE address of your choice. Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes or the Sponsor will ship to the chosen U.S. address. You are fully responsible for handling all matters of the prize from there, to arrive to your international address.

AGE: This Giveaway is open only to individuals who are 18 years of age or older at the time of the entry. You must have a U.S. shipping addresses only.

CANADA:  Some contests will not allow for Canadian shipping. Each giveaway post will state if this is allowed or not. Sorry, it involves certain legalities of products crossing the border.

Selections made, decisions, and communication concerning all matters related to this Giveaway are final.

The randomly selected winner(s) will be chosen by anyone that Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes appoints with that responsibility for that Giveaway. The winner will be notified via the exact email used for submission. Should you have your email set on private (requiring a form to fill in, bounces back or any other such barrier), Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes will select another winner immediately in your place. Be sure and place this email, in your address book so you can receive the notification if you are a winner. If the email goes to your Spam it will not help you to reply within 48 hours, and you would lose your prize or winning. That would not be all that fun.

You have 48 hours to respond to the email announcement. Should you fail to reply within 48 hours of the time the email notification was sent, you relinquish your position and prize.

Prizes are shipped anytime within one month after the prizes have been claimed through your response to the Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes email. In the event of choosing an incorrect winner, Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes reserves a 48-hour period to make any necessary correction and chose another winner.

Odds of winning depend upon the number of entries received and number of possible winners per Giveaway.  Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes employees and their immediate family members and Sponsors’ employees are not eligible to enter this Giveaway.

Void where prohibited by law. There are no cash substitutions or transfers of the prize.

Giveaway items have a possibility of varying based on availability and other factors outside of the control of Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes and/or the Sponsor(s).

Winner agrees to accept any variations or substitutions chosen by Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes and/or the Sponsor(s) without any recourse or claims of action.

Winner grants permission to Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes and the Sponsor the rights to use your name, your photos, personal images, statements made in any emails, biographical information supplied or located, history, links to blogs or social sites, and anything else “about” you in any advertising or promotion without compensation or permission.

Shipping and postage will be paid for by Paleo Gluten=Free Recipes and/or the sponsoring company.

Any federal, state or international taxes or other fees are the sole responsibility of the Winner.

The use of any dishonest, unethical or otherwise way to enter this Giveaway will disqualify you as well as bar you from all further Giveaways conducted by Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes.  Should you use any “system,” software or otherwise “covert entry attempts” to automatically submit entries in connection with this Giveaway, this will result in ALL entries from that email and any affiliated with it to be disqualified.

Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes reserves the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to refuse to allow any individual to participate or continue to participate in the Giveaways. Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes holds the right to disqualify any individual it suspects to be tampering with the Giveaway entry process or the operation of the Contest or the Website. This is a violation of any terms and conditions governing the use of the Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes website.

This is factually acting in bad faith. Any email or communication which is deemed disruptive in any manner, bad manners, threatening, harassing, or abusive to any person involved with Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes, this Giveaway, or the Sponsors will immediately disqualify you from this and all further Giveaways.

By entering this Giveaway you release Paleo Gluten-Free Recipes and any associated Sponsor from any liability whatsoever. You waive any and all causes of action related to any claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Giveaway, or the delivery, mis-delivery or acceptance of any prize (including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, losses and damages related to personal injuries, death, damage to or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation or portrayal in a false light, whether intentional or unintentional), whether under a theory of contract, tort (including negligence), warranty or other theory.

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