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Best Advice to Start a Paleo Diet

Best Advice to Start a Paleo Diet

Taking a break from my vacation to answer a popular question. Since I am just back from a great hike exploring with my husband, I am totally into this question! I am often asked, what is my best advice for starting on a grain-free, dairy-free diet. Of course I am also asked my best advice to start a paleo diet. First of all, so many do not really understand paleo and what it is, and that it is NOT cookie cutter. With the internet SO many people are interpreting it as super high protein or “paleo folks” eat loads of bacon or how about this one, “they” never eat enough raw food. Please get well and properly informed and I hope the below sheds a little light on how to get started in a short summary. See my legitimate references below too!

A great tip and starting point for paleo beginners and people starting a paleo diet?

The first thing I always suggest is to get prepared so you can really start, see and feel for yourself the beneficial changes. By getting prepared I simply mean this: REALLY clean out your kitchen of all grains, dairy, sugar and legumes so you are not tempted. Then, go shop for a week’s worth of ingredients for easy meals or healthy snacks you can take on the go.

At this point do not go overboard and get into all the other ramifications, rules and descriptions of paleo. Keep it simple. If you do this for a week (or better yet two) you can feel and see for yourself what the paleo “basics” do for you. This is a terrific starting point!

Please read up and come to a full understanding that paleo is a LIFESTYLE and not a quick fix, or a weight-loss diet. I have created some eBooks that share quite a bit about this; they are jam-packed with information and only cost pennies. There are terrific references and resources online. Below are some of my top picks from individuals who have authored books. I have read them all and more. I am sharing only what and who I feel can help you in your life. The order listed means nothing at all.

I also listen to several podcasts from the below list and they are phenomenal! This * signifies my favorite podcasts:





Let me know how the paleo diet works for you. I welcome your comments and feedback and successes – I love to hear them! You may message me here.

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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  1. fitoru

    If you want to be healthy and fit,try Paleo. Boosting immune system with Paleo diet truly works! My grandma’s condition improved a lot after trying this diet.


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