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Cold-Brewed Coffee and Health Benefits

Cold-Brewed Coffee and Health Benefits

Wow, what a topic. Coffee is coffee, right?! Cold brewed is just colder coffee – right? Uh, well we have some things to learn and maybe you will be one who will benefit from a cold brew over an espresso or coffee. Why is this? Let’s dive in and see what this is all about and why this is.

Most coffee lovers find regular brewed coffee very acidic. According to the National Heartburn Alliance, they have estimated that around 54 million Americans suffer from heartburn and of those, 75% say coffee can and is causing it (my hubby was one of them). Many coffee consumers are now discovering the benefits of cold-brewed coffee.

Using one’s favorite brand of coffee (you name it) and cold-brewing the fresh ground beans produces a coffee that is naturally low in acid, with approximately 67% less acid than coffee brewed by conventional hot-brew. That is really stating a dramatic difference! How about pairing up your morning cup with my almond flour banana bread?

Another benefit is that with cold brew, there’s no waste. Cold-brewing coffee can be made one cup at a time, you can vary the strength you prefer. You can add any hot water, or iced cold water or grass-fed milk or make it my version of Bulletproof coffee or even the original Bulletproof coffee. It’s also microwavable if you are not opposed to the microwave.

In other words, coffee that’s been cold-brewed is less acidic. It is better for your body if you have a sensitive stomach or are dealing with any illnesses or healing the tummy or lining from sensitivities or an illness. Cold pressed is also smoother in flavor, enhancing the delicate notes of fruity, spicy, chocolate, vanilla, etc., while dramatically decreasing the bitterness that can be a turn-off to many.

He needs a cup of low-toxin coffee.

He needs a cup of low-toxin coffee.

When we make a coffee the conventional “hot” water extraction way, we are getting into far more depths of the coffee bean, sweating out much more (and the acidity) revealing a more acidic flavor, and factually more acidic coffee. The cold process simply does not do this.

If you suffer digestive difficulties you may be interested in trying my cold press version in your own home. What a terrific way to get healthy while enjoying your favorite cup of coffee! For more information and healthy tips for leaning out, dropping weight and enjoying a better quality of life, check out my ebook page for some great resources.


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2 thoughts on “Cold-Brewed Coffee and Health Benefits

  1. Nick

    Decided to have a coffee this morning and I had some of the starbucks unsweetened cold brew from the grocery store in the fridge. Sipping on that I stumbled on this post and decided to pat myself on the back and read about the good I’m doing for myself, but then I found the link to your recipe for cold brew. Is it really that easy??? I’m going to try that out ASAP because apparently I’m wasting way too much money buying this at the store!


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