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Easy Paleo Roasted Duck

Easy Paleo Roasted Duck

I just love duck and the crispier the better. I love the skin and everything about duck. It is really quite easy to prepare this paleo roasted duck and requires far less “spicing up” than chicken, which I find is quite bland by itself. Have you ever tried chicken with absolutely nothing on it at all? Bland beyond bland!

Duck makes for great leftovers and most people like it cooked rare, except the person writing this. The more cooked the better to me. I just love to cut it after its done roasting and place it back in some duck fat in the skillet and give it a bit more searing and crisping up the sides. Yum!

Served with a fresh green salad and my Paleo Dressing with Dijon Balsamic is about all you need and if you are in the mood to add a starch I can suggest my Paleo Stuffing specifically for duck!

My roasted duck recipe is really a terrific home cooked meal or can even be served as an elegant party meal. I like to serve it with red wine to accompany the fattiness of the duck. Wine gives it some acidity, which helps with one’s digestion. As most of us know duck is usually served with a fruity side, sauce or topping like cherries or plums. I can suggest Bordeaux, Merlot or a Pinot Noir as they will do wonders for your table. I do not drink most of the time as one glass and I am snockered unfortunately, so I have my substitutes like my Raspberry Mojitos.

Have fun and as always ask me any questions you may have.

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