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Paleo Boneless Pork Roast

Paleo Boneless Pork Roast

Today is National Pig Day. There remains the question of whether this holiday is a time to recognize and honor pigs or to appreciate their offerings (spare ribs, bacon and ham). Since I seldom eat pork, I am releasing my latest recipe, paleo boneless pork roast, in honor of the pig and the many ranchers who are now humanely raising pigs on their ranches so we can eat healthy, unstressed pigs. A happy pig yields higher quality meat. Less stress hormones release into their system, which means no unnecessary hormones transferred to our bodies. Not being fed GMO corn is also very important and many ethical ranchers are doing their share to address this issue as well. Please check out 5280meat as they are my absolute favorite pork suppliers to my family and in fact the recipe below was made with their delicious boneless pork shoulder roast.

Paleo Boneless Pork Roast 1

Liberally seasoning the roast.

My recipe is twofold as you can add BBQ sauce at the end of the cooking time, shredding the meat first, and you will have BBQ pulled pork! I also must mention that I use non-GMO fed bacon in a few other recipes as I am a weekend bacon lover. Speaking of pork and bacon, you may want to check out this breakfast option: Baked Eggs in a Porky Cup or a couple of dessert options such as Nutter Butter Bacon Cookies and Paleo Dark Chocolate Bacon OMG!

In my ongoing research for healthier meats of all kinds, I came across a fair amount of companies now selling only non-GMO feed to ranchers for their swines. What I found today in my research was not at all what I found when I looked this up some years ago. I’m really happy that all the advocates out there have made a difference. If the farmers and ranchers are supported, it makes their job far easier. Companies such as 5280meat, Hiland Naturals, Sunrise Farms and many more out there are making a positive change. If you are interested you can easily do an internet search for a list of companies that offer non-GMO feed for all variety of animals. Have you ever looked at what they put in dog food?! It’s horrific. My dogs are grain-free and have been for years and are never ill.

Paleo Boneless Pork Roast 2

Time to slow cook with these lovely veggies.

For this recipe I used small purple pearl onions which have reddish-purple skin that’s similar in color to large red onions. Usually they’re milder in flavor than white pearl onions. I also used Adobe seasoning but you can use any seasoning you like. I am always changing my seasoning around. Lastly, as a reminder, you can add BBQ sauce at the end of the cooking time, shredding the meat first, and you will have BBQ pulled pork!

You may serve this with Spicy Turnip Fries, Mashed Turnips with Crispy Shallots, Paleo Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes and do not forget a nice drink such as Paleo Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Mojitos!

Paleo Boneless Pork Roast 3

Almost dinner time!

If you ever question the time on cooking pork you may enjoy this cooking reference by for all cuts of pork. I find it is pretty handy.


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