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Paleo Homemade Dark Chocolate Dipped Fresh Figs

Paleo Homemade Dark Chocolate Dipped Fresh Figs

There is nothing better than fresh figs and the sunny season that is upon us. Paired with Dark Chocolate and we have now stepped into a whole other arena aptly titled: paleo homemade dark chocolate dipped fresh figs. The taste of the sweet, honeyed deliciousness of a ripe fig with the contrasting intensity of a pure clean dark chocolate just sends me into another life; reminding me of days long past sitting in the South of Italy. Maybe the Amalfi Coast, one of my favorite places on planet Earth. OK, now we are speaking figs, chocolate AND espresso! OMG. There are so many delicious and healthy ways to enjoy chocolate from Paleo Chocolate Bark to Dark Chocolate Ice Cream to Paleo Dark Chocolate Bacon! I could go on!

Fig trees in Europe can grow to be 100 feet tall, but that makes them quite difficult to pick, so they do best around 10 feet in height. It is important no matter where the trees are to harvest the figs when they are completely mature, sagging, drooping and even exhibiting a change in color – sure signs that indicate “pick me’! I gave one of my sons a young fig tree for his garden (on a side note they are really easy to grow). That 2 year old baby fig tree is already bearing some terrific fruit.

In the US we have the Black Mission Fig which I used in the below primal recipe (and it is pictured above). It is named as such from the Californian mission that dates back to 1770 when it was planted. I just love sharing these kinds of details. Keep in mind this is many years after Europe was indulging in figs for all sorts of other purposes.

So, how do you make sure you are picking a good fig? You should look for a deep, rich colored, plump fruit, slightly sweet in fragrance and not mushy. Oh gosh, no mush please. I prefer a very semi-firm texture which you can feel and of course the intuitive, “eat me, I am ready”.  If you are at a grocery store be sure that some well-intentioned yet uneducated bagger does not proceed to place them at the bottom of your grocery bag and place all sorts of items on top. Goodbye fig, hello mushy mess, and no way Jose’ will you make my recipe below.

Once you get home, ensure that the figs are refrigerated and stored in a safe place where they cannot be bruised or crushed.

I think you will enjoy this recipe. Kids love to make it and it really is so healthy, rewarding and there’s NO sugar shock. Yay!


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Paleo Dark Chocolate Dipped Fresh Figs

Paleo Homemade Dark Chocolate Dipped Fresh Figs

  • Author: Tina Turbin


You cannot ask for anything better than fresh figs off the tree, dipped in homemade sugar-free dark chocolate, leaving you with a clean healthy snack or dessert loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.




  1. Line a cookie sheet that will fit in your freezer with parchment paper.
  2. Place your Paleo Homemade Dark Chocolate Dipping sauce in a shallow bowl with a fairly steep edge.
  3. It should be fluid and at least room temperature.
  4. Gently hold the tip or stem of your fig and roll it in the Chocolate Sauce. You may need to hold the bowl in order to cover the whole fig.
  5. Immediately place the fig on the paper.
  6. Do this with each fig.
  7. Place in freezer for 3-5 minutes.
  8. Take the figs out of the freezer and roll them one at a time in the Chocolate Sauce and back on the parchment and back in the freezer. Allowing 3-5 minutes between each “dipping”.
  9. I did mine 3 times as I prefer a semi thin coating.
  10. The more you do, the thicker the chocolate coating on the figs.
  11. After the last dipping, you may keep the figs in the freezer 5-8 minutes and serve cold immediately.
  12. You simply trim the chocolate off the bottom with a small knife allowing the flat bottom of chocolate to remain, so they will sit upright if you so desire.
  13. Save the extra chocolate and the “trimmings” for future use with recipes such as my Chocolate Bark.
  14. If you are making these ahead of time, place them in the back of the refrigerator until ready for serving.
  15. Enjoy!


Do not leave in freezer for too long.

If it is warm outside, be sure to keep these refrigerated.

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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