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Paleoful – Owner Interview

Paleoful – Owner Interview

I was extremely curious to know what inspired Lauren Montalette, a 24 year old, to devote herself and her time to developing paleo baking mixes and launching a new business. After trying her amazing paleo baking mixes, I decided to ask her if she’d share a bit about her world and how this all came about. Lauren graciously accepted this offer. Here is an interesting story about the evolution of her paleo baking mixes and this young lady’s energy, care and dreams behind her successful company: Paleoful.

I had just finished my bachelor’s degree in communication earlier in 2014. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah (which is where all of our products are made and shipped from) but I am originally from the Bay Area in California. I moved out to Salt Lake City with my dad and step-mom in the middle of my junior year of high school and have been here since.

I am not married and I do not have any kids. I’ve always wanted to run my own business, but never knew it could actually be possible until I decided to MAKE it happen. My whole family (dad, mom, step-mom, brother, sister) is deaf beside myself. My dad was born hearing but got an ear infection when he was a year old. I think that’s why I ended up being able to hear.

Over the past three years I struggled with quite a few health problems after going off birth control medicine. I got on birth control in the first place because I had horrible periods. Then after being on the pill for several years, I got my blood drawn and my iron levels were sky high. My naturopath advised me to get off of the birth control medication. This is when everything went downhill, which was so strange!

Since then I’ve had hormonal problems, skin problems, gaining 20 lbs. that won’t budge, etc. along with a host of gut issues and food allergies. I started out eating gluten-free many years ago and slowly had to keep eliminating foods out of my diet. I have seen many different naturopaths for healing my body, but all in all I’ve learned that diet plays a HUGE role.

I discovered the paleo diet around a year ago and realized it was exactly what I needed! It eliminated all the problem foods I was having issues with (grains, gluten, dairy, soy, corn). So, I started eating paleo and haven’t looked back since 🙂 I also love crossfit and being active. I know crossfit and paleo usually go hand-in-hand, but that isn’t why I started eating paleo. I just love the paleo diet, and I love exercising.

When I started this business, I wanted to start a business that was as allergen-friendly as possible, since I also have so many allergies myself. Our products have very few allergens in them. I even created the sunflower seed flour cookie mix so it wouldn’t have nuts in it. I’d love to even make an AIP-friendly (Autoimmune Protocol) cookie mix in the future, although no plans for it as of yet. I just want to help people and make people’s lives easier by giving them easy access to delicious, allergen-friendly treats and my baking mixes are one way I can help.

Thank you Lauren for sharing all this! You are helping many and your baking mixes are to die for.  

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