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The Healthy Theory Podcast Interview

The Healthy Theory Podcast Interview

Live Interview with Me

It was such a pleasure getting to know Emily and Gabe of The Healthy Theory Podcast during my interview with them!

Gabe and Emily founded “The Health Theory” on the premise that the various diets, fitness, health approaches and fitness plans are not a one-size-fits-all endeavor! Well, this aligns precisely with my views so I was quite interested in their invite to be interviewed on their show to discuss some of these topics and more.

Their inspiration behind the podcast and website was their own experiences. While they each attempted the same vegetarian diet, it worked wonders for Gabe – weight loss, increased energy, and feeling great. This very same diet made Emily quite ill, with headaches and declining to less energy and some days no energy at all. This was quite an eye opener to them and a point I have witnessed over and over when others have attempted a specific diet that worked on “everyone else”.

It was from this discovery that “The Health Theory” was born! In my interview episode, titled Gluten Free and Paleo Diet Mysteries Revealed, we dive into the how and why of Paleo. Why it works for me and how it can work for you. I reveal great references (included in the show notes) and I answer real Paleo questions that people are asking!

We were fortunate to have been able to come together. Gabe and Emily were searching for individuals in social media who had good solid knowledge about our 4 pillars of health: nutrition, fitness, mental wellness, and spirituality, when they came across my Twitter. We just hit it off and when I heard what they were about I knew it would be a great fit! So did they, as they later said, “Tina had so much personal experience and expertise about nutrition and health. We knew that she could add priceless information to our podcast and give our listeners a lot of specific information.” I knew that Gabe and Emily were right in what they were saying and in what their podcast is all about! I was so happy to jump right in!

Your health, diet and fitness are yours. The whole idea is to listen to your own body and to work toward a healthy YOU. In fitting with this, I talk about being, not Paleo, but Paleo-ish. What does Paleo-ish mean?

You may also enjoy this in depth, easy flowing interview on me with Clayton Morris of Fox News on his amazing podcast with many other incredible guests. Here is what Clayton has to say, “I’m thrilled to have Tina Turbin as a guest on the Gluten Free Podcast today. Tina runs a fantastic website called where she really provides a valuable resource for the world. Everything from great advice on paleo living, recipes, exercise and everything in between.” So, dive in and enjoy!

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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