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Drinking Chocolate from CaCoCo

Drinking Chocolate from CaCoCo

CaCoCo is what they refer to as a “drinking chocolate”. Think of it as a thick, rich hot chocolate that is good for you. It is made from raw cacao beans and various spices, is an all-organic superfood, dairy-free and gluten-free and contains no cane sugar. Many times I have written about the many health benefits of cacao and the delicious joys of chocolate itself. I have an overflow of paleo recipes from cakes and cookies to Coffee-Cacao Cupcakes. Therefore, when I was asked to sample CaCoCo, I more than happily accepted.

They offer three varieties of mixes ready to go. Just add hot water and the benefits and absolutely delicious flavors are yours! I simply mixed the nibs with hot water and my nut milk of choice and the three flavor combinations made for interesting antioxidant blends to suit many tastes. I don’t drink dairy but anyone who does can add grass-fed milk!

I gathered a group of pals to help test these out and we all agreed they were very rich, not too thick and we were all quite impressed at how good they tasted simply mixed with hot water. It was a pleasant surprise to notice how creamy it was after mixing, unlike the usual chocolate or cacao mixes on the market. Even with my almond milk!

I’m a dark chocolate lover myself so the Essential Midnight was delicious to me. I would call it my favorite of the flavors but I do not eat carob (beans are part of two of the mixes) so I did not sample the others to compare. It’s definitely a good choice for anyone who loves dark chocolate and is a great way to get that boost of antioxidants.

The feedback was that the Original flavor was a favorite of many of the testers who said it reminded them of a Mexican hot chocolate with the cinnamon and cayenne spices. It was very warming especially on a cold night by the fire! Top with whipped coconut cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Heavenly!

The final flavor Global Warrior seemed to be the most interesting and unique of the three. With flavors including turmeric, one of my tasters commented that she imagined that this was what Indian hot chocolate might taste like. For those testers not fond of turmeric initially, they did not favor this one. I do love turmeric and the amazing benefits that it provides so this concept of turmeric and cacao together as two superfoods uniting is brilliant. For anyone who enjoys both, this flavor might be a terrific way to get more turmeric into your diet and more cacao into your life. 🙂

The testing of CaCoCo was a raving success. They have without a doubt high-quality ingredients and figured in the antioxidants and superfood cacao. You can find CaCoCo at The website also has great recipes and preparation tips for using CaCoCo to make specialty drinks and desserts.

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