Exercise and Paleo

50 year old man with weightsThere’s plenty of paleo research showing the types of movements “paleo man” did on a routine basis, and I can tell you, he was active! He also needed rest to get ready for all that hunting and gathering, or even to get ready for a possible attack on his group.

The typical exercise regimen of the hunter-gatherer consisted of walking throughout most of the day with short spurts of high-intensity activities. I know people who literally throw around big rocks and do short bursts of sprinting as if they’re running away from a woolly mammoth in order to give themselves a truly paleo exercise experience. You could do this, or you could just focus on short and intense anaerobic exercises a few times a week. Instead of long cardio workouts, go for short and high-intensity sprinting. I personally love hiking. The ups and downs of hills and fast and slower paces are all incredibly thrilling to me, not to mention all the wide open space and wonderful people who enjoy the outdoors like me I meet along the way.

2 gals yogaNew York Times bestselling author Dr. Joseph Mercola developed the Peak Fitness program based on the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. You should Google this and see if it’s something that might suit you.

Also, a lot of paleo fitness advocates encourage you to exercise outdoors to optimize production of vitamin D.

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Tina Turbin