Weight Loss & Fitness

The paleo diet, paleo weight loss, and paleo fitness go hand in glove! As you get healthier on the paleo diet, you may soon find yourself shedding some pounds and with enough energy to start exercising. I loved it and it has proven to work for so many people.

The Paleo Lifestyle

raw-vegetablesHumans were designed to stand, move, run, jump, work as a team and help each other. Our human ancestors depended on their fitness and good health (without much thought about it) to assist them with acquiring food for his family and group. Our body is engineered to do all this, and that basic structure has not changed. We do best when we adopt this “paleo lifestyle.” I hate sitting on my bum writing and working for hours,and most of us feel so much better moving. Right?

When most of us were kids, we were active (skipping rope, climbing cheese, playing tag, etc.) and Phys. Ed. was mandatory in school. Each one of us can make a change right now and get up and move around more, add exercise back into our life: move around every hour even if we have a desk job, go running, take up a physically challenging hobby, join a gym or CrossFit, or even change jobs if necessary. The choice is really in our hands. We design our own lives. Our lifestyle is what we make it.

Paleo and Weight Loss

paleo-weight-lossPaleo and weight loss often go hand in hand. The paleo diet, being the healthiest way you could possibly feed your body, happens to be an amazing way to shed pounds. Coincidence? Yeah, right! Obesity isn’t natural. (You can be our paleolithic ancestors didn’t suffer obesity!)  Being overweight is a symptom of an unhealthy body. Start feeding your body right, load up on all those nutrient-dense (and oh-so-yummy) paleo foods and cut out all the processed garbage that people are trying to sell us as actual “food,” and it’s no surprise that you’ll start dropping  your unhealthy weight. Get active too (you definitely need to visit my CrossFit and Paleo and Paleo for Athletes pages if weight loss is what you’re after) and you’ll find yourself with a whole new (and thinner) body on the paleo diet.

Visit my page Paleo Weight Loss and Fitness for an in-depth explanation of why the paleo diet helps with weight loss and for some tried-and-true paleo weight loss tips!

Paleo Exercise

paleo-weight-loss-fitExercise is a huge part of the paleo diet lifestyle. Yes, there’s even paleo exercise. Paleo advocates raise the point that modern humans shouldn’t just eat like our Paleolithic ancestors but exercise like them too. So check out my Exercise and Paleo page to learn the whys and hows and tips to help you get fit on the paleo diet! If you’re already pretty active, you’ll want to visit my Paleo for Athletes page.

CrossFit has taken the world by storm. CrossFit, Inc., known as “CrossFit,” is a fitness company founded by Greg Glassman in 2000. The paleo diet and CrossFit often go hand in hand. Check out my Crossfit and Paleo page to read more about this.

Seriously, Folks

Paleo aside, we cannot deny the fact that there’s plenty of research demonstrating the need to add exercise (and good sleep) to our routines. Paleo or not, please take the time to consider your lifestyle and look at the amount of time daily or weekly you allow yourself to move about and get air in your lungs.

If you need help, just email me. If I can help you, I will, and I have plenty of friends that can help you with this, too. It’s really rewarding!

I hope this page has been helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at Tina (at) Paleomazing.com.

Tina Turbin