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Epilepsy, Grains and Paleo

Epilepsy, Grains and Paleo

I have worked in the gluten free and celiac arena for a number of years and it never ceases to amaze me when I hear yet another raving success or change in one’s health and life all due to the change in their diet, going off grains and eating a Paleo or mostly Paleo diet. Even epilepsy can be handled through a change in diet!

When one is diagnosed at any age with any degree of severity of epileptic seizures, it is quite customary to be placed on drugs to abate the unexpected attacks. If you have never been around someone who has gone through this, nor aware of what this is like for someone in this condition I’d like to help paint a small picture for you. Then on with the purpose of my Article and Success Story that was sent in below.

A seizure causes a tremendous amount of stress for the individual. All sorts of hormones are disrupted, the person has quite a time getting reoriented and stable mentally and physically. Most individuals do not know when the seizure will happen and this can create a condition which lacks security in going out and doing things like a “regular” person. The person quite often has to reveal to those close to him or her that this is a condition which happens (or may happen) and how to best assist if a seizure does happen. For a young lady or man this is not all that comfortable in a new relationship. The medication prescribed can be fairly strong and is usually termed Class D, which is not good for conception, and pregnancy. These drugs wreak havoc and cause disruption to the overall physiological condition of the patient, and more so over time.

A young woman whom I’ve known for a number of years has had seizures for over 20 years. She is now in her late 20’s, so you can imagine how long she has been dealing with this! In helping on some of my various work avenues she learned about the gluten-free diet and celiac disease. The concept of gluten-free appealed to her so for over 6 months she tried going as nearly 100% gluten free as she could. She dropped weight and she and her husband really loved the foods, the gluten-free desserts and the clean taste. She began to feel better but knew there was more and that she could feel even better. I then encouraged her to try Paleo as a template and to definitely try her best to start on NO GRAINS and NO LEGUMES. I also advised her to add good fats to her diet and purchase grass-fed products if and when she could.

I am a diagnosed celiac (celiac sprue is an auto-immune disease which resulted in affecting my thyroid which is common in celiacs) and I know how much better I felt using Paleo as a base template to remove myself off the standard “100% gluten-free diet” which was NOT working. With Paleo I removed ALL grains and legumes and have never looked back. It has been a life changer!

I receive countless successes sent in from others. Look what was sent to me last Friday:


After about a week grain-free, I experienced amazing results. It was like a fog had lifted that I didn’t even know was there! I found myself being more “present” and more “there” in my environment. I started striking up or joining in on conversations out in public easily when I usually would have kept to myself. I never realized that I have been walking around in a dull cloud for so long. I was normal! Without the grains I learned how I am meant to feel, think and react.

 Beyond that, I had more energy, my stomach no longer hurt chronically and the aching joints I always woke up with went away. But something more notable was that I seemed to experience some relief from my epilepsy. I have had epilepsy for over 20 years and have been on medication for almost as long. Sometimes when falling asleep, I get what could be referred to as an aura. It is a slight hiccup in brain function. It only happens when I’m falling asleep and only for a second or two, but it had begun to be a more regular thing over the past years. After kicking the grains, I began noticing an improvement. I’m still on the meds but it seems the auras are coming less and less frequently.

I am a true believer that gluten and grains have harmful effects on the brain and would recommend a change in diet to most everyone!   C. H.


Recently I released an eBook on this very topic so the timing is impeccable. I am all about the bold facts that a disease does not happen overnight and we can learn about them now BEFORE they rear their ugly heads. We can turn things around by changes we each have to do, as no one will do it for us.

A young teen or man or woman in their 20’s or 30’s can be active, working, having babies, Crossfitter,, flight attendant, busy executive, plumber, etc. These very same people grow up to be the “elderly”. It happens and yes we hate to admit that this is the life cycle. But what I never have liked is to see someone “healthy” have mental troubles (Dementia and Alzheimer’s), lose their thinking capacity, be in pain, gain weight, be less active and lose their dreams and desire to live vibrantly for a long time. Why does this happen? Their quality of life is not fun and they will get worn down.

So, to ensure we all keep having fun, not have pain, be able to remember what we walked into a room for and where our keys are, we need and can do things about it now and it is really quite easy. My mini eBook is a summary of what you can do now with my references.

I will be writing more, as I always do. I love all the evidence backing up what I have always believed and am so appreciative that we have access to such wonderful professionals all over the world via the internet. Now is the time to educate ourselves. Technology is moving fast and more and more people are taking their health, whether healthy or not, in their own hands and not relying on just one MD anymore. Those days are long gone.

Look above at what one young woman has done in a few short months with her own health, personality and life through a change in her diet.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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