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Paleo Balsamic Dressing with Spices

Paleo Balsamic Dressing with Spices

Why make your own salad dressing at home when you can buy one at the store? Good question! I bought my salad dressings for years from the grocery store until one day I made this paleo balsamic dressing at home and discovered how much tastier, healthier, and cheaper it is! After all, you don’t have to worry about additives, and you can add FRESH spices and herbs. Yes, this is the key right here! If you don’t use fresh spices and herbs, you’re missing out on some amazing nutrition and taste.

Making homemade salad dressing is a great way to use up the extra herbs you may have left over from another recipe. I do this all the time. Waste not, want not! I never let my fresh herbs go to waste. If I’m not tossing them into a hearty Paleo Crustless Quiche or omelet, I’m mixing them up in a dressing like this one.

This dressing is great on salads or drizzled on top of some steamed veggies. You can dry different herbs for different flavors. This is a great, versatile recipe. Take a look at some of my other dressing and condiment recipes. These are all quick, easy to make and great to have on hand whenever you may need them!

What’s your favorite homemade paleo dressing? Do share with me through my Contact page!

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