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Paleo Cornish Hen with Awesome Stuffing

Paleo Cornish Hen with Awesome Stuffing

Cornish Game Hen has always been a favorite of mine to work with in the kitchen and this was well before heading into a higher vegetable, more primal inclined diet which I now adore. I honestly can come up with so many ideas with them, and I’m happy to have created this paleo version alongside a truly awesome stuffing recipe.

So about the “stuffing”… it is an amazing option to pair up with chicken or turkey… And for another option, I would suggest my Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes or any other paleo side dish.

I find that those who are newer to the kitchen may be a bit intimidated with using the oven for any poultry, or have heard horror stories about poultry. Well, one of the great things about these hens is their size. They cook a bit quicker than a chicken so no worries there, and less kitchen time! Anyone can really play around with the flavors as much or as little as they want. Herbs are really quite versatile once you start to learn about them. Try one at a time, get to know them and figure out which you like best.

Cornish Game Hens

A fact about Cornish Game Hens worth sharing is that they will usually be very close in weight when you purchase them. They are scooped up to be ready for the market when they are around 2.5 pounds. This will assist you even more in your preparing more than one as you won’t have different sizes to worry about. Same size items equals same cooking time which equals simple cookin! Just wait until you hear the “ooh’s and aah’s“. It will all be worth it. I love this paleo recipe!

Please rest assured you can serve these hens with plain cauliflower “rice” or plain white rice and not get into worrying about the carbs if that is your preference. Paleo is not strict and is simply a template. Some people find that they do quite well with rice, especially avid intense athletes. Some people actually need a few extra carbs to help their activity level as well.  So whether you choose rice or veggies as your side, you can’t go wrong with this paleomeal.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy!

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