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Paleo, Dairy and Hormones

Paleo, Dairy and Hormones

Let’s take a quick look at our standard “sold in the store” dairy products. Oh dear, what about the milk from these dairy cows? Yes, you guessed it: loaded with synthetic hormones. The milk, cheese, and whey (yes, even the infamous whey protein powders) are full of hormones too. So how does this all relate to the paleo diet?

Dairy cows sit in close-quartered bins being injected with hormones to make them produce milk like a woman ready to nurse a child. Their bodies are not unlike our human bodies. They are milked by machines sometimes for hours per day in rotation. The milk is laden with hormones.

I don’t want to go on and on about all the hormone-loaded items that are affecting our hormones, but I want you to see that there’s a good reason that the paleo diet calls for pure food. The paleo diet is not some nutty, limited diet. Far from it actually. This diet is full of such incredible foods and recipes that there’s no scarcity.

There is a misconception that paleo is all about no dairy. When it comes to those, one needs to be logical about the topic of dairy and paleo. Dairy is not a “No” for everyone. Jeez this is the year 2015, so it is far from a stable “across-the-board” paleo rule.

Paleo, Dairy, Hormones

Paleo is as workable as it is working for your individual body. Any aspect that is not working is not the right aspect for your body. Let me clarify further by stating that Paleo is not cookie cutter and it is really easy as it is INDIVIDUALIZED. One may not do well with night shades, but they are all across-the-board on the paleo approved list of foods, or even honey. Honey may have a healing and beneficial property to your health and even organic raw honey or (real) Manuka honey has intense benefits. I hope you get my point.

Keeping a basic journal and watching your body’s instant and latent reactions is key to which foods work for your body and which do not. Paleo is a terrific starting point and that is the best way to use it as it does eliminate many of the basic allergens, inflammation foods and foods that our bodies are just not designed to digest without ill effects sooner or later.

It is really quite simple, and by eliminating foods with hormones already loaded up in them, anyone’s body will fare much better and live longer and healthier.

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