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Paleo in GO GLUTEN FREE Magazine!

Paleo in GO GLUTEN FREE Magazine!

The spring issue of Go Gluten Free magazine is now available at major newsstands, book stores and healthy food stores all throughout the United States and Canada.  This issue features the subject of Paleo – how exciting!

I am honored to have been asked to contribute to such a fine publication and to help promote how Paleo and Gluten Free can both sit in one publication together, helping those who need or prefer a gluten-free diet or recipes. I also love how this publication is not loaded with advertisements! You can go page after page and not see ad after ad. Yahoo! This magazine has beautiful pictures and will be one of those magazines that you will keep and collect with the others coming out. The recipes and pictures are timeless. This is a HIGH quality magazine.

You will find one of my recipes, Paleo Spice Muffins including my Paleo Vanilla Frosting recipe at your fingertips, ready to make in your very own kitchen.

The editor of Go Gluten Free, Karen Wilhemsen reached out to me and asked me to be involved and she shared this with me about herself and the magazine:

“I have worked as the editor of our Yum Food & Fun for Kids magazine, where I learned much of what I know about the importance of eating healthy while working with our nutritionists who contribute. Working on Go Gluten Free posed an exciting new challenge and a chance to help people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity to get healthier and happier on a gluten-free diet.I also love cooking, and can understand the frustrations of starting a gluten-free diet, which at first appears to have a lot of limitations. But, we aim to make that transition as easy as possible by providing readers great recipes so they don’t feel deprived. Being healthy and gluten-free comes first, but it’s also amazing to know that we’re giving our readers the chance to explore new tastes and grow their love of cooking. Our readers have really embraced us into the gluten-free community, and I’m so happy that I get the chance to be a part of that. Many people consider a gluten-free diet a “food trend” that will eventually die down. But, the amount of people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity is about 1% of the population, with many more people undiagnosed. Gluten-free/food-allergy awareness and products are on the rise, and we want the public to know that through proper nutrition and eating habits, anyone can turn their life around for the better.”

Thank you Karen!

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at Tina (at)

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