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Pure Indian Foods – Ghee

Pure Indian Foods – Ghee

What would you say if I said we all had access to just about any flavor ghee we could imagine? Well, we do! It is easy to access and the customer service is out of this world tops! Pure Indian Foods ensures the sources of their dairy cows are fed non-GMO, pesticide-free, all organic grasses. Here is their motto: “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work – he is the purpose of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve him.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I felt a deep connection with Sandeep, co-owner (with his beautiful wife) of Pure Indian Foods, as he shared with me that his Cultured Ghee is the family’s original 6th generation recipe handed down from his family in India; and he cares to help India and America become more aware of grass fed, non-GMO and ethical production standards. I could tell he really cares and is DOING something about it, which to me is the ultimate key to someone’s “talk”. His actions and steady day to day hard work show he is in this for the long haul and is well established. In 1889, Lala Khoobram Agarwal, his great-great-grandfather, launched a pure ghee business in northern India. After 5 generations and 125 years, Sandeep says, “We are still learning!”

All his dairy is produced from local farms in Pennsylvania, Iowa, New York and Maryland and he and his wife are located in New Jersey. His wife hand-makes their popular Cultured Ghee. Each and every batch of Cultured Ghee happens to be batch tested to be free of casein, lactose and gluten. Why? Well, once again they are aware of the serious needs of many with auto-immune diseases, sensitivities, allergies and the needs of autistics. Being that I have worked in this very field (celiacs and autistic), I was pleasantly surprised to find someone so aware of the severity and needs of these individuals, yet doing something in the food business about it. I know the additional fees involved in batch testing for purity and this is quite commendable. I do not know of another company (yet) that batch tests their ghee. The way ghee is made, traces of casein and lactose can easily remain in the batch. Needless to say, Pure Indian Foods, Cultured Ghee is very popular in the celiac and autistic community.

Sandeep’s company ensures the ghee is made from milk obtained only during the spring and fall when the cows are on the pasture eating rapidly growing fresh, green grass. This ensures the cows are relaxed, comfortable and not stressed out at all. This makes for delicious milk with no stress hormones crossing into the milk or butter. Ideal! I tried a number of their ghees and I really love the Cultured Ghee. The flavored ones are exceptional and unusual. Since I love ethnic foods, I was slanted towards the Niter Kebbeh Ghee (Ethiopian Spiced Ghee), Grass Fed & Certified Organic and their Indian Dessert Ghee, Grass Fed & Certified Organic. To give you an example of ingredients, the latter has: organic fennel, organic cardamom and organic saffron. Flavor has a slight hint of fennel and is subtly reminiscent of licorice with just a touch of cardamom and saffron. Quite flavorful!

Ghee is great when used in baking and cooking or just slathered over a slice of your favorite, warm paleo bread. Sandeep proudly shared, “Our ghee is made fresh in small batches in stainless steel equipment. We include ‘best use by date’ for your convenience of safe use. Our ghee is made with pride in New Jersey, USA with organic methods. We make our ghee in commercial, well equipped production facilities that adhere to cGMP. We use glass bottles instead of cheap plastic bottles to avoid dangerous toxic material leeching from plastic containers (Sandeep’s awareness of xenoestrogens) and the only ingredient in our ghee is butter made from cow’s milk.” The Coconut Ghee was interesting for someone who wants to cook with both. There is really such a variety. It is worth looking into and anyone can buy a sampler pack and get to try all flavors!

Sandeep has an interesting past with 10 years on Wall Street and carries a Masters in Finance. He has an immense scientific background and enjoys working with bloggers and the interaction, yet not solely for his ghee or Pure Indian Foods business. He has additional plans. He has set up a non-profit museum to help share his culture,, and he is collecting many ancient butter churns. He says he is deeply connected to this cause. I love all their ghees. I admire the causes they stand behind and I respect Sandeep and his wife for maintaining the standards they do, and succeeding in their business; one which is maintaining ethical standards and making changes at the same time.

Please visit their website and do try their Cultured Ghee and the other incredible flavors of all their grass-fed ghees.

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