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Stand Up Desk – Get the Level by Fluidstance

Stand Up Desk – Get the Level by Fluidstance

I have a stand up desk. I also have an arrangement for standing at a computer in my kitchen while making notes about my recipes and working with the products of different companies. I stand for long hours and more than I should at any given time. I cannot sit for many reasons. One being that I have a very bad low back and pelvis situation. I also feel like crap when I sit on a chair for long periods of time; I notice it in my legs (weight gain and more cellulite) and in the blood flow down my legs and feet. I feel like I am aging just sitting day after day, hour after hour. At this very moment I am standing upright and moving my joints, knees and back as I write this. I am standing on the Level by Fluidstance and loving it. No pain and all gain! So I shared it with some friends too, and you can read their feedback below.

I have no doubt that the women (especially women!) who have sit-down jobs are at a loss going to the gym for 1-2 hours after an 8-hour day of sitting on their bum. Maybe it would be better if we all stood up while working and moved on the Level! In other words if you have a stand up desk, get the Level, and if you do not, get yourself one and then get the Level.

Stand Up Desk – Get a Fluidsta 1nce “Level”

Just my range of motion alone was impressive. I stand still and hold my tummy, maybe to have good posture or for some odd reason I am unaware of. In any case, when standing on my Level, I am reminded to balance, to move, to stretch, twist, to wiggle and this only enables me to work longer. I even did squats! This is the greatest device to ENHANCE my stand up desk and is no doubt far better and healthier for my body. I feel fluid, movement in my blood and it is a gentle reminder that I need to move without thinking about it. I am absolutely impressed. I look forward to hopping on it and standing at my desk to work some more.

So I went on their site and read this: Range of Motion (ROM)

There is an obvious increase in the range of motion that someone experiences using our product vs standing at a desk. On the Level, we see an average range of motion of 23.98 degrees (ROM)*. What this means…The body is meant to move in three dimensions, and our product enables that movement at a desk or workstation. Merely standing at a desk doesn’t allow for this movement, whereas using the Level does.

Stand Up Desk – Get a Fluidstance “Level”2

Here is what a couple of other people I shared my Level with had to say:

“The Level is a great way for anyone who stands at their job to keep their body engaged. It was a lot easier to stand balanced on it than I thought it would’ve been. It’s an easy way to keep you essentially mobile while not moving anywhere. I could almost coin the word ‘micro mobility’ for what this device does to your stagnant work zone. Thank you!” CT, 3 time Grammy Award winner

“I have been sitting at my job for 25 years and I’ve paid the price. I’ve had a stand up desk for about six months now and having the Level has made it a whole new experience for me. By the first evening of using it, my calves were sore. It works really fast. I like that I can stay moving while I’m working. I have no problem typing and reading my monitor while standing on the Level. I am very grateful this product was created. It might just change the world.” RM, mother of two and has a full time sit-down job

“I am thrilled Tina shared this with me. I am a designer and travel a lot for work. I sit at my job in front of a computer many hours a day and very long hours. I tend to wiggle about in my chair all the time never really comfortable, especially after about three hours. I borrowed the stand up desk at Tina’s and then used the Level. Really amazing and what a difference. I did not want to give it back. I felt so comfortable and relaxed on it. It felt very natural to my body, my joints and my back. I told Tina I am getting one!” DG, professional designer and space planner of hotels, planes and homes

I write music for TV and movies, so as a profession this requires that I sit endless hours in meetings, writing scores at a computer or working with others sitting in front of a computer. I am extremely active and athletic and I am this way because I like it, not because I have to. I never feel a need to stay active while working or even thought about it as I do take frequent breaks, or so I thought. I recently tried the Level and realized I really don’t move enough in my day while sitting and working. The Level sort of “reminds” one to move a bit more. I feel it is a great addition to one’s work routine and a unique concept.” JT, multi-award winning film composer and orchestrator

Stand Up Desk – Get a Fluidstance “Level” 4

As you can see, I shared this with several others as I am just blown away with the Level by Fluidstance!

Check out their website: And if you do end up purchasing one for yourself, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it and how it helps you. Feel free to write to me here.

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at Tina (at)

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