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Teas! That is Buddha Teas

Teas! That is Buddha Teas

Teas, glorious teas. Teas have been around for ages. The abundance of teas offered these days can seem overwhelmingly exciting. I found an incredible tea company called Buddha Teas, offering a variety of USDA certified organic teas, all in bleach-free bags and the “recipe” of each is really astonishing. Each page on their site gives simple explanations to assist anyone in choosing the one(s) that suits their personal needs. It is sort of like walking down the health food store aisles with your personal health practitioner guiding you through the mass of bottles to the precise supplement to help you. Each cup was like my own personal experience just for my own body and state of mind.

I for one love anything that soothes my body and stomach, especially after being in the kitchen cooking up paleo recipes for so many hours. My husband adores anything that has healing properties, my oldest son loves a fruity light flavor and then my youngest daughter slants toward the dark tones. We had something to suit our very needs and get this, it works! I felt like the Turmeric and Ginger from Buddha Teas was not only soothing but healing to my digestive system while repairing some other areas of my body at the same time. After just two days, I realized I was feeling better and I was not even feeling bad before! These teas are gentle, and subtle, yet powerful and I could tell some inflammation had definitely subsided. I totally intend to do a light cleanse focusing on the Turmeric and Ginger from Buddha Teas to help me through it.

Buddha teas image 1I also tried their Saffron and Green tea as well. This tea was really quite something. The hint of saffron was a barely noticeable light undertone and offered a perfect balance that danced on my tongue and body, which was reaping the health benefits. It takes approximately 4,500 flowers to make just one ounce of saffron and for my cooking I know a little goes a long way. They have perfected a perfect balance along with assisting cardiovascular health.

Buddha teas - green

They offer a tea that is called Chaga Tea which they state is an amazing mushroom fast becoming one of their best-selling teas. It is known for its impressive array of antioxidants, B vitamins, minerals and flavonoids. This mushroom is a fungus grown on the bark of tress, specifically birch; which has been used in Siberia and Russia since the 16th century. According to John Boyd of Buddha Teas, “It’s touted for its numerous health benefits including anti-Cancer, anti-aging, anti-HIV, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and is the highest known antioxidant-containing product known to man and 6x more than Acai.” Wow! Well, I love that! This tea was just a bit too hearty and on the woodsy side for my palate and for my family but some of my friends enjoyed it.

Buddha teas 2 To be able to have teas create effective and lasting results is really saying something about these teas and the company. I decided to delve a bit further and get to know this company and what they stand for as I felt they had something very special. The Buddha Teas team promotes this broadly, “Aside from offering a vast assortment of exquisite herbal teas, our company also focuses on connecting with our customers on a personal level. In order to provide the best possible blends and brews of teas, we first start by identifying the individual needs of our consumers. Great care and pride is taken into putting forward excellent customer service to ensure that each and every customer knows just how important they are to us.”

With a care and consideration like this, they have listened to their public and more and now have 11 groups of teas; Chakra, Premium, Specialty, Herbal, Black, Seed, Flower and Green just to name just a few. If you are like me, I went to the tab that allows me to view all and I selected the ones that aligned with my personal or family’s needs and I put my ideas into their search box. They offer an FAQ page, Benefits page and a really spot-on Brewing Tips page, tailored for the individual reader.

I really cannot say enough about this company and the teas they offer let alone what steps they have taken to ensure each box of tea has a personal touch and care. The boxes are really designed well for gifts and the cost is quite reasonable compared to where I shop for teas.

Check out the Buddha teas site: You will be happy you did! After trying their products, be sure to email me at my contact page and let me know what your favorite tea is and how it helps you. Enjoy!

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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