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The Paleo Diet is Not the End All

The Paleo Diet is Not the End All

Remember, the paleo diet is not the end all. I only believe that paleo is a good base from which to start. A base for me to use data and a background is only as good as it or its parts can help another based off of medical tests, doctors feedback, patient feedback and of course listening to the individual. Each of us is unique and nothing that works for one of us will work the exact same for another. Nothing with anybody will remain the same; the body is a living, constantly changing organism.

So what does this have to do with making food, testing recipes and developing recipes? Everything, as there is far too much crap food out there. Each one of us can make a change in our own kitchens, with what we purchase (which supports companies) and with what we DO NOT purchase. What we eat and serve to our family and friends and where we eat (such as our choice of restaurants). That alone is helping in far reaching long-term ways.

I just love what I do and it is days like this that make it even more worthwhile! In my work with optimum nutritional diet and lifestyle in my own kitchen or in helping others personally or business-wise, I am blessed to sit back and reflect on the changes I have made, that have turned another’s life around. It simply reminds me of why I love doing this so darned much, and it is moments like this which reinforce my innate desire to help others and to stand behind my beliefs; that lifestyle, food and a good heart can actually take us to places which we thought we could only dream about.

Most of you know, due to my schedule, I take on only 2 clients a month for consulting; whether personal, restaurant, menu changes or even home kitchen “jump-start” and clean up. Today I sat back with a success sent in to me by a client on just day 6 of her Program to turn her life and health around.

This past month I took on a patient in her early 30’s who was in the hospital three times in the past few years. She nearly passed away from internal bleeding and has had ongoing nonstop terrible tummy and intestinal pains and had three colonoscopies that showed ulcers and severe internal intestinal scar tissue. This young gal has been on drugs for her intestinal bleeding which aggravated her already debilitating candida troubles which only exasperated her already severe cravings, high and low mood swings and depression. Not to mention this all started in her early teens. She has never been treated for her symptoms, only given drugs to mask them and they only got worse over the years. She has been on my program just 6 days and she sent me this yesterday in an email:

Hey Tina! My 6th day of my Phase 1 with you and I am happy to report that my body is doing the best it’s done in years. Before, I’d have a bowel movement directly following each and every meal. Now, it’s pretty much been once every day. Crazy! I am so happy. Thank you SO much Tina. This means the world to me and I can enjoy my family and my new baby finally without my body driving me nuts! I am getting my life back.

Tina, you really know how to pinpoint things with the body and lifestyle with your detailed questionnaire, my replies, feedback and notes, and you have helped me as an individual and treated me individually. I know this is your specialty and you helped my sister-in-law with her seizures (on medication since she was 12 and off now), but I REALLY believe it now more than ever. I had lost hope until now. I feel so darn good! ”

So, this is what my studies of paleo have helped me to do. No, this gal is NOT on a paleo diet. Paleo standards though have given me some simple basics through which to guide an individual’s program to help an individual to get on the right track. Anyone can do this. Paleo is a terrific start to learn in the mass of confusion which is online, and in the many books on health, diet and nutrition. I’ve put together a lot of what I’ve learned in several eBooks that are available on my website. Please take a look at them and see if there’s any that interest you.

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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