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Transitioning to Paleo – Interview

Transitioning to Paleo – Interview

I was recently interviewed by the lovely Marie Grace Berg for her podcast, Transitioning to Paleo.

Marie is a Registered Nurse who made the transition to Paleo herself after a “cancer scare” that was a wake up call and a light bulb moment both at once. She became dedicated to changing her life and is now on a mission to help others to do the same! She believes whole-heartedly that personal health is a great deal about controlling what you can control, your diet and your exercise. A woman after my own heart!

Marie is giving back to the Paleo community now through her podcasts where she speaks with many knowledgeable and inspiring people, including my good friend Melissa Joulwan. Of course, when Marie reached out to me right away I was on board for her podcast!

As the show is all about transitioning to the paleo lifestyle, which I hold as a very vital topic for anyone looking to change their life and diet for the better, we talk about the before and the after of “going paleo”, and the benefits. Benefits from more energy to clearer skin to improved quality of life. Most importantly, we discussed the top 3 tips for going paleo. Here’s a hint on one of them: learn a few easy paleo, gluten free recipes. I suggest my Paleo Crustless Quiche and my Amazing Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies to start!

Please, as always, do email me if you have any questions. For more detailed information about transitioning to paleo, you can check out some of my many books on the subject.

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One thought on “Transitioning to Paleo – Interview

  1. Jenna Ringle

    I’m ordering this cookbook now:-)!

    Thanks so much for making me aware of it.

    To a healthy happy life,
    Jenna Ringle


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