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120 Paleo Friendly Recipes!

120 Paleo Friendly Recipes!

As a celiac, I am always on a strict gluten-free diet. Many of my readers know I went “beyond” gluten-free and transitioned to the paleo diet, which is a more grain-free approach. Being celiac, this diet has been very helpful for me. Some refer to the diet as low-carb, paleo or ancestral, however, I have found a customized approach to the paleo to be a good fit for me. I customize it for my body and my sensitivities. For example I do not feel well after I eat dairy, tomatoes or eggplant in my diet. Before even trying paleo, I followed a gluten-free diet for many years, and I found I did not thrive on high-carb breads (with or without fiber) and the STANDARD gluten-free diet does not seem healthy to me anyhow. So what’s a gal to do, but attempt a bit of her own research, and…Voila! I discovered that grains were causing inflammation in my gut, and they prevented my body from healing totally. I’m excited to share a terrific new resource with you! It contains 120 paleo friendly recipes!

120 Paleo Friendly Recipes! 2

Along my own health journey I decided to see how folks liked my recipes. I started to bake and cook more and more with “grain alternatives.” Over time, I found that many people experienced more energy and less digestive disturbances after I changed the way I cooked (by removing grains), and ultimately, they really enjoyed my grain-free meal and dessert recipes. You can find any of the ones I have released here and read many of my eBooks or try my crazy chocolate dessert book, compiled with many of my chocolate lover chefs and bakers.

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In addition, here is another amazing little resource you can have at your fingertips in pinch — 120 paleo friendly recipes. I just had to share all these 120 recipes with all of you. Enjoy!

From my kitchen to yours,

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