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Not Your Normal After Workout Protein Powder

Not Your Normal After Workout Protein Powder

I came across a fairly new company with two pretty interesting products last month so I had to give them both a whirl. The concept on why these were formulated really is what struck my interest and if they do what they say, well then I struck gold with my nutrition pre- and post-workouts and recovery, even for my hikes. I do not eat whey or dairy and neither of the products have these in them. As far as the protein powder, I feel that alone is not your normal “After Workout Protein Powder”. More on this topic in a bit.

One product offered is an energizing-superfood loaded with plants and herbs. According to the founder, Harrison Levy,  this provides sustained energy and the proper nutrients for high intensity exercise. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and plant-based energy enhancers that boost energy, yet also calm the body. I definitely do not want more energy; calming down may be the “Go Words” though. So, I gave this product a whirl too.

Not Your Normal After Workout Protein Powder 1

OK, so now about the protein powder. Harrison calls it a paleo protein-superfood. It contains egg white protein, hemp protein, and sacha inchi protein, combined with his own blend of all natural superfoods promoting the growth of lean muscle mass. Hey, I like that already! It can be consumed as a post-workout shake or a complete meal replacement. One scoop contains 14 grams of pure protein, 7 grams of carbs and 4 grams of fiber.

The flavors of both were not the usual approach to a supplement that I am accustomed to on the store shelves. The typical companies have a mentality of, “We created this to fool your taste buds so you can eat it.” As a matter of fact, I am not a sugar-craver therefore I do not like to taste sugary flavors, nor do I need that sweet taste. I was very pleased that this protein powder was very palatable, in a healthy sort of way. It had a good feel in my mouth, tastes mild, very clean and I just knew this was good for me all the way down to my tummy! The energizing-superfood was much sweeter than I personally need but Harrison uses stevia in his formulation so I was fine with that. The more diluted the better as far as I was concerned on this one.

I develop recipes so I became interested in why a young man in his early 20s would put his time, heart, soul and money into an energizing drink and a protein powder when the shelves and internet are already so saturated. I reached out via the website and contacted Harrison. In a nutshell, the markets did not satisfy his fitness, training and recovery needs. There was no stopping Harrison. He set out on an in-depth hunt, only to come to another dead end. He then bought all the supplements he felt he needed and mixed his own potion up. He said it tasted horrible, so back to the cauldron he went. This time with a determination that was steadfast, carrying a gleam in his eye! He had full intention to create his own pre and post-workout supplements made from real and wholesome foods. It took a solid four years. He told me he is quite confident that he came up with the best tasting, healthiest, and most importantly, most effective pre and post-workout nutritional supplements available.

Not Your Normal After Workout Protein Powder 2

Rootz Nutrition founder: Harrison Levy

I am currently not into Crossfit and my work outs are probably not near the intensity of a man or a woman into super heavy weight lifting, box jumps etc., but I live a very active lifestyle and I hike a lot – long, hard and extremely fast – and I am often in the heat of the day. I follow a lot of Mark Sisson’s approach to training for my age and in either case these products are excellent and are really worth recommending and trying.

I received the package deal offered on the Rootz Nutrition website. You get the two full size containers offered as a package deal but you can also buy small sample/travel packs (both are pictured below). I feel these are a terrific way to try them out. Harrison offers a money back guarantee. If you really are having trouble with either product he is very amenable to refunding your money. Just head to Rootz Nutrition to read more or go directly to the product page.

Not Your Normal After Workout Protein Powder 3

Not Your Normal After Workout Protein Powder 4

I am all about raising awareness of allergies and auto-immune disease, as most of you know.  Out of consideration for anyone with these concerns, the Rootz Nutrition products are manufactured in a facility that handles egg, nuts (only coconut) and bee products. The protein powder alone does have eggs, coconut, and bee products as part of its ingredients.

Not Your Normal After Workout Protein Powder featured


The Protein popsicle above was made by simply following the Rootz instructions on the canister to make a drink (adding a banana is optional). I blended the mixture and then poured it into my popsicle molds and placed them in the freezer. Once frozen, I dipped the popsicles into pure dark Valhrona chocolate which I had melted along with a little coconut oil in the microwave (this can also be done on the stove top). Easy and SO good!


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