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Paleo Diet Aligns with Earth Day?

Paleo Diet Aligns with Earth Day?

Paleo Diet Aligns with Earth Day?

Some of you may be paleo and some of you may follow the paleo diet on occasion.

How do you know if the paleo diet is right for you? Today we celebrate Earth Day and there is not a better day to address health than today. Don’t put this off another day. Earth Day 1970 capitalized on the emerging consciousness, channeling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns front and center. With a healthier body you can do your part to help in other areas, as your body will be thriving as opposed to distracting you. So, I feel that the paleo diet aligns very much with Earth Day.

Here is what you need to know. Paleo is all about a lifestyle and is not just a diet.

I feel that is why there is so much confusion on the subject and so many different “versions” of the paleo diet. This is probably why the paleo diet has been placed under scrutiny. Your neighbor says he is paleo but you see him dipping his sweet potato fries in bacon fat and think “what the hell?” Sounds like a deal to me!

Well, I don’t blame you. It can be confusing. But, I broke it down for The Active Times real simple with a Q and A that just may clear this up for you. Then you can make an educated decision if the paleo diet is right for you. I love the fact that on this day we can reflect, respect and make changes. Changes in your health can be quite instrumental.

Check out my entire interview here. Be sure to check out my many paleo recipes even if you decide paleo isn’t 100% for you. They are still delicious regardless!

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