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Paleo Pizza, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, EASY and Delicious

Paleo Pizza, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, EASY and Delicious

After wrapping this gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free and super easy and delicious pizza recipe up, I shared it at my table and got rave responses. I consequently shared this healthy pizza and crust on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Within days, a number of people reached out to me, sharing lovely pictures of their OWN pizzas, either adhering to my recipe or somewhat altering it according to their needs or their palate. I love the way we all help each other out in the kitchen by offering ideas for creative touches.To me, this is what cooking paleo is all about! (Make sure to check out some of my favorite paleo tips, by the way, and feel free to send me some of yours!)

Please contact me with your pictures to share with others as well as any changes you made so others can benefit. If this is your first time ever making a crust like this, I do suggest following this recipe exactly. Execute this with success, and then maybe spread your wings next time. Feel free to send me your questions and ideas too!

Oh, the same night I made this, I made two other pizza versions. So exciting! I do have a number of altered versions, which I’ll be sharing and using in various ways. This is a versatile BASE recipe, as I have stated on my social media sites. Be creative and let your imagination go wild in the kitchen, and you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with. And have fun!

I borrowed a few ideas from Starlene, a wonderful lady and blogger who works with people with have many dietary restrictions, especially those in need of healing their gut. She helps people on a very strict diet called the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Symptom) diet. My recipe is not hers and hers is not mine, but her recipe gave me ideas, which helped me to come up with a recipe that was paleo, palatable, easy and fast. If you want to check her out, you can see her terrific site at

You can now share this recipe easily with a friend with a push of a button below. Jeez, I love technology. So let’s get to it, and I hope you enjoy this recipe!

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Paleo Pizza, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, EASY and Delicious

  • Author: Tina Turbin


I know this recipe has a loaded title. It is the best darn pizza I have had in years and I have had a real yearning for a real LOADED totally paleo pizza. I mean, with the works. I love protein so this was going to be extremely creative. I wanted one that was gluten free with no dairy at all, and I was getting tired of nut flours in so many recipes I was working on lately. Oh, and a major must was I wanted intense and varied flavors in each and every bite. This was my challenge.


  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • ½1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 Grade A large egg (room temperature)
  • Healthy fat (butter, lard, coconut oil, etc)
  • My sauce was hot and ready on the stove.
  • I either make my own from fresh tomatoes, some tomato paste, a tad bit of honey and spices or I buy a jar that is paleo friendly and loaded with healthy ingredients
  • I precut and premade:
  • Hormone-free pepperoni
  • Hormone-free Canadian bacon (sautéed)
  • Homemade chicken sausage
  • Prosciutto (fried lightly in a pan)
  • Cut black olives
  • Dried oregano


  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Grease a large cookie sheet or large pyrex dish with butter.
  3. Place parchment paper on top of greased up pan.
  4. Now grease the top of your paper – it will be a greasy top.
  5. Clean your cauliflower.
  6. Drain and make sure it is not wet.
  7. Shred by hand with your grater or pulse it in your food processor – I did it both ways to test both ways out.
  8. If you pulse in your food processor you want very small pieces throughout and consistent, the size of rice.
  9. You want 4 full cups of cauliflower for this recipe.
  11. Boil some water with a steamer basket and steam your cauliflower “rice” high above the water for about 4-5 minutes until done – not mushy though.
  12. Strain and let cool and press out any additional liquid.
  13. OR – place in a pyrex dish (no water added!) and microwave for 30 seconds – 1 minute. Depending on your microwave.
  14. Let cool, strain out any extra liquid if any. There is much less with the microwave technique.
  15. Mix your cauliflower with the egg, and spices and salt.
  16. Place 1-2 heaping balls of your mixture on your parchment paper – depending on if you want 1 or 2 pizzas.
  17. Press out by hand and mold your pizza to about ¼ “ thick.
  18. Make a slight “lip” around the edge to hold your filling in if you’d like.
  19. Bake for approximately 35-45 minutes.
  20. When done flip over and bake for another 3-5 minutes to form the crust even more since there is no “dairy” holding this firmly together.
  21. I found the discrepancy on baking time really depends on your oven and how wet your cauliflower is when you mix it.
  22. Remove from oven.
  23. Place on a rack to allow ventilation and some air on all sides.
  24. Add your sauce and toppings.
  25. Place the sauce on the pizza and spread it out fairly thin. This would be up to you but I do not like tons of sauce.
  26. Add as much protein and toppings as you like.
  27. Place back in oven for about 4-6 minutes.
  28. Take out of oven and serve as is or serve individual slices.
  29. Enjoy!

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at Tina (at)

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I'm a cookbook-collecting, recipe-developing paleo junkie, and I live in the kitchen. I'm hooked on farmers' markets, traveling, eating healthy, and hiking until my legs scream at me. There's nothing better than hanging out with family and good friends. I have fun and sleeping is just plain boring. Read more About Tina Turbin.