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Simple Paleo Sandwich Bread Idea

Paleo Pancake Sandwich

Many people are always looking for that magic Paleo bread recipe and while I have to admit I do make a number of darn good bread recipes, all terribly easy no matter what someone may have told you (honestly). I must share a little secret.

Paleo cooks seem to learn to make Paleo pancakes early on. If you did not, go to my Paleo pancake recipe and that should help you. I loved them, still do and yes they are the easiest ones to whip up any time of day or night. I make them for breakfast, snacks and even at night with melted butter and a killer cinnamon concoction to satisfy that late night “movie accompaniment”, I cannot shake my inner haunting thoughts away from. If you do not have those nostalgic movie-food cravings, I am totally jealous.

The kitchen trick here is multi-tasking and as a result saving time. Now who doesn’t like to do that! If you can make a pancake you can easily use your recipe, make pancakes and save them as future Paleo bread slices. You just need to alter you technique a bit and maybe add a touch more this and that to get a little more “texture”, to get it to hold a bit more.

I am not saying this is the Paleo bread of your dream but I am saying this is a simple way to get a pancake to help you acquire some extra ‘slices” for later on or future days to make that multi-layered whopper sandwich you see in the picture above, and more or even better. The inside is all up to you and your wildest imagination. When it comes to MY Paleo sandwich, watch out!

I am all about flavor, texture and as many different tastes I can get into each bite that all mix and dance in harmony in my mouth. Wow, making me hungry right now!

Above I added, vine ripened tomatoes, a very little horseradish mixed into my tuna salad, romaine lettuce, two bacon pieces (yep bacon!) and then more fat- I added some garlic dill spread (like a mayo). I am not afraid of fats and actually do very well with fats as most of us on Paleo who understand the benefits of good fats. I did not toast this ‘bread”, but sometimes I do ever so slightly. The pancake version of bread does not hold as well once toasted, but if I do toast it I serve with a fork and sharp knife. It is then one classy act of yum!

This is no special trick to the preparation of the pancake, just a little side hint to help you out so you can have a snack right now, as long as you know how to make pancakes. If you do not, go to my Paleo pancake recipes and that should help you.

Note: You can do this to that last cup of batter you have left from your pancakes.
Not any left over? Well make more or make extra from the get go.

NOTE: I have many Paleo bread recipes of all kinds that are actual bread but
this is without a doubt very easy and everyone in our house and all our
friends love these and eat them all the time. Men also love to make these as
they are easy and fast to have on hand.

Simple Paleo Sandwich Bread Idea

I have many Paleo bread recipes that are actual bread loaves and quick breads. But this is without a doubt very easy and everyone in our house and all our friends love these and eat them all the time. Busy women, men and children also love to make these. They are easy and fast to have on hand.


  • My Paleo Pancake Recipe- leave 1-1-1/2 cups extra batter, or use your own
  • pancake recipe.
  • Add one more whisked egg at room temperature.
  • Add a 3-4 Tablespoons more almond or chestnut flour.
  • Add a ½teaspoon of ground flax or a touch of ground flax seed.
  • ⅛ teaspoon more baking soda
  • ⅛ teaspoon more vinegar
  • Any small seed for texture if you'd like- for bready feel


  1. Mix all together with my pancake batter.
  2. Be sure that your batter is a bit thicker and not too runny.
  3. Grease pan with sufficient coconut oil.
  4. Allow oil to melt.
  5. Get pan good and hot.
  6. Place a 3-4 heaping Tablespoons on the hot oiled pan.
  7. Try and add each Tablespoon to the middle so the pancake does not spread.
  8. You are trying to keep it shaped and thicker so it will later slice in half
  9. for two pieces of bread.
  10. Turn heat down.
  11. Flip once it is cooking well through at least the middle.
  12. Again, keep it shaped and the size you want for your "bread" slices.
  13. Take off once cooked throughout. Let cool.
  14. Start over with another HOT pan or this will not work.
  15. Place in freezer in air tight bag or frig to cool.
  16. They freeze beautifully.
  17. Slice in ½ and use as your last minute breads.
  18. No one will know, and your taste buds will love you.
  19. Enjoy!

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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