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Bulletproof Vanilla Max

Bulletproof Vanilla Max

Vanilla has to be one of the most important baking items. Scan any recipe and a large percentage of them call for vanilla extract, paste or beans. If you look over many of my paleo recipes you will see I use ground vanilla quite often. What exactly is the difference between vanilla extract and ground vanilla? Vanilla extracts are usually made by soaking vanilla beans in a liquid like alcohol to extract the vanilla flavor from the beans for baking. Vanilla powder, like this Bulletproof Vanilla Max is made by grinding up the vanilla bean in its entirety. You have to check the ingredients of ground vanilla though as many companies add in sugar to make it sweeter.

Bulletproof’s Vanilla Max is pure ground low heat cured vanilla powder. Bulletproof says they use the best Madagascar vanilla beans available to create their Vanilla Max. By adding in Vanilla Max to a recipe or a drink you can transform your outcome to one that is quite unique. Add it to your shakes to add an element of surprise I think you will like. Sprinkle it on an apple and throw it in the oven for a paleo dessert. When I make any raw dessert I NEVER use vanilla extract with alcohol. When I bake (heating up an item) the alcohol dissipates so in that case I may use it.

If you are into any of the Bulletproof Coffee recipes, this is an ingredient you definitely may enjoy as well. It pairs perfectly with the coffee to add undertones of nuttiness and fruitiness.

Dave Asprey is always saying that Bulletproof always ensures their sources and processing are the best of the best. The vanilla beans used for Vanilla Max are hand selected by experienced pickers who evidently know how to tell if a bean is tasty and can tell if the beans have any pests or molds. Their whole process ensures no microbes or toxins end up in the final product. That means no funky molds going into our bodies. I have personally viewed vanilla beans at length in Tahiti and could DEFINITELY tell when mold was evident.

The packaging of this product comes in an easy seal tight bag so that measuring spoons can fit in easily. Any cook or baker can appreciate this.

Along with all of this informative and good news is the fact that vanilla beans help relieve pains, aches, stress, anxiety, depression, digestion, etc. The list actually goes on and on. Basically, it tastes good and is good for you! Never buy anything with vanillin as an ingredient as it is not at all vanilla. It is just another play on words to trick us consumers.

I really love using my Vanilla Max in my recipes and am enjoying the flavoring it lends to my ice cream recipes. I hope you enjoy it as well!

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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3 thoughts on “Bulletproof Vanilla Max

  1. Apollo Grace

    What are people using now that Bulletproof no longer carries Vanilla? This product has been off the market for a few years now, and I’ve been very disappointed with other vanilla sources I’ve tried.

    1. Tina Turbin

      Have you ever thought about making your own? This would be a perfect solution if not plus probably fun to do 🙂


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