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Newest Veggie Slicer!

Newest Veggie Slicer!

I’ve owned a veggie spiralizer/veggie slicer for some time now and really love the creativity it brings to my kitchen. I’ve even given a few away on my giveaway page. If you are not familiar with spiralizers, you will be excited to know that it’s a tool that turns vegetables into “pasta” noodles!  Fun and perfect for your paleo recipes!

It’s similar to the idea of making spaghetti squash “spaghetti” with meat sauce. With this tool one can turn zucchini, cucumbers, yellow squash and other veggies into noodle shapes for a variety of “pasta” dishes such as a stir fry or a tantalizing soup. How about Chicken Zoodle Soup!

The kind of spiralizer that most of us are used to is the white larger spiral slicer with various parts and suction cups at the bottom to attach to the countertop. Recently I discovered another type of spiralizer that I now enjoy loads. It’s a handheld version that is much smaller and many have found it easier to store and clean. For those living in apartments with limited storage space, this really is ideal.

For anyone loving pasta and longing for it due to cutting out gluten or grains, we can all click our heels for joy! Toss some pasta sauce on there and you’re in business. Prepare your sauces on the weekend and spiral a bunch of zucchini and, voila, you have healthy, gluten free, paleo meals in minutes. You know I’m all about quick and easy! It’s also a great way to get finicky kids to eat veggies.

Zucchini Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

One of my testers who also owns both types of spiralizers said, “I found myself using the SpiraLife a lot more because it was so much easier. After work I didn’t really feel like pulling out the large one, using it and then cleaning all of its parts. The SpiraLife was really quick to use and clean, so I will definitely use it much more often.”

This spiralizer has two different blade types so you can create pasta noodles and flat noodles, which is fun for making those adorable little edible flower-shaped garnishes. It even comes with a cleaning brush and a lifetime guarantee! Woo-hoo! SpiraLife will send a replacement part if any part breaks for any reason. Very cool.

SpiraLife is available at and on Amazon. We had a lot of fun testing out the SpiraLife veggie slicer and you can check out one of the recipes we made with this. I really predict it will soon be a household name in many kitchens.


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