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Primal Blends

Primal Blends

My personal “trick” to cooking paleo and having it taste delicious is all in the spices and herbs used. I see so many people fall off the plan of eating healthy due to their meal choices at home being quite bland or lack of knowledge to food preparations, hence spices, herbs and such. Well guess what, Paleo doesn’t have to be this way and I discovered Primal Blends to help us all out!

You cannot eat bland chicken night after night or some sautéed veggies over and over and expect to enjoy it. You will get pretty tired of food and long for all sorts of items, especially ones that are not paleo, if you do not “spice things up”.

That’s why Primal Blends was created. These guys are helping all of us in the paleo community to be able to enjoy every single bite. It can get pretty difficult figuring out how to change up a food routine and keep enjoying every single meal. Primal Blends has 4 different blends which pair perfectly with different foods. One for beef and pork, one for poultry, a seafood one and even one for your veggies. Obviously you can mix and match and do what you want with these as well but this is the recommended use. Try the beef blend in my royal rib eye steak recipe or the seafood blend in my sautéed Maine diver scallops recipe.

Primal Blends 2

These spice mixes are totally MSG free, non-GMO, gluten and allergen free and have no artificial preservatives! Just pure flavors to go with your healthy meals.

I am not big on chicken. I never order it at restaurants and I hardly ever make it at home as I feel like it has zero flavor. I was cooking up some chicken I had for a party and thought it would be a great opportunity to test out how good these mixes are. I used the poultry blend and put it all over the chicken and simply cooked it up in some coconut oil. Now for the hard part, me eating chicken! It was delicious! I was really impressed. So much flavor and a little bit really goes a long way. It sealed in the moisture, even in the white meat. The dried spice mixes are nice and hearty in texture and the flavors are bold and dramatic in a good way.

These are handcrafted and great for those on the gluten-free and paleo diet. They are also Whole-30 approved! So, let’s eat up, chicken and all! 🙂 Buy some for yourself at their website:

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