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Spicy Raw Kale Chips

Spicy Raw Kale Chips

I love to make Paleo or Paleo-ish, Gluten-Free, Raw, Low Carb and Keto friendly recipes! This one for spicy raw kale chips is ridiculously easy and will be quickly gobbled up, so make plenty to have on hand.

If you enjoy KALE, boy you came to the right page. Woo-hoo! Also, check out my Kale Chipotle Appetizer or my Red Kale TRUFFLE Chips. I know! I told you that you came to just the right place.

Maybe you are you simply lacking ingredients or you went overboard at the grocery store and have a stock of kale on hand? Well, I have a solution for you. You can check out the simplest of all recipes, my oversimplified Paleo Kale Chips for those days you are into EASY, have no time and virtually no additional ingredients on hand but some oil and sea salt.

In any of my recipes, once the kale is in the dehydrator it is really up to you how long you want to “bake” it and yes you can do this in the oven. I prefer my kale crackers to have some substance and be a bit crispy and crunchy. Hence, ample time “baking” and I personally do use my dehydrator for these, as opposed to an oven.

When someone is truly following the rules of raw there is much discussion as to how high the heat can be. Why is that? Well, vital enzymes break down and are not available for the body to use once they are cooked to death or are cooked at too high a temperature. There are some raw foodies that feel that anything above 95 degrees is taboo, and then some feel 105 is the maximum. I will have to leave that up to you. I have always felt 105 is a safe point and yet I am not a 100% raw foodie. I do eat many of my veggies raw to adhere to my more adaptable natural Paleo-ish diet. I want those enzymes from my organic fruits and vegetable when I can. Why not!

Enjoy this one and all my other kale recipes. Also for those who are on any special nut or seed-free diets, you may omit the nuts and seeds in this recipe.

As always, please email me if you have any questions!

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Spicy Raw Kale Chips

  • Author: Tina Turbin


This gluten-free, grain-free snack is also raw. Dip these in some hummus or some homemade guacamole. Yum!


  • 2 bunches of curly kale
  • 1 red pepper cut and cleaned
  • 1 cup soaked cashews (810 hours)
  • ½ cup sunflower seeds
  • Juice of 3 lemons
  • 2 tablespoons yeast flakes (optional for “cheezy” flavor)
  • 3 scallions, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, chopped


  1. Clean and dry your kale.
  2. Cut the large veins out and discard.
  3. Tear your kale into large pieces.
  4. Massage your kale to break up the fiber.
  5. Mix all other ingredients in a high speed blender and blend on high until very smooth and creamy.
  6. Add to your kale and massage it all together by hand.
  7. Place on dehydrator sheets.
  8. Dehydrate at 105F degrees for 6-8 hours or until desired tenderness or crispiness.
  9. Enjoy!

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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