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Transitioning from Vegan to Paleo the Correct Way

Transitioning from Vegan to Paleo the Correct Way

Someone recently reached out and emailed me about being vegan yet wanting to transition to a more paleo diet. I 100% feel there is a proper way to make this transition from vegan to paleo the correct way, and that there are definitely incorrect ways. Strict paleo is not for the majority of us with human bodies, in the 21st century anyhow. Many may be surprised to see me write this but I have been saying this for years and you can read my views about this topic in my article called “The Paleo Diet is Not the End All”.

Read the below email sent in and then take a look at what I had to share to help this person out. I have removed her full name for privacy purposes.

Hi Tina,

I am very intrigued with the Paleo way of “life.” 🙂 I used to be Vegan and then realized a lot of what I was consuming: legumes, soy and grains, were not making me feel great and added to the vertigo I once used to suffer from.

I am highly allergic to eggs and do not consume red meat or pork. What about Gluten-Free items; pasta, flours, etc.? Is this a lifestyle you feel could work for me? I would love your thoughts!

In good health, KA


Hi KA,

Check out my review on a Vegan Paleo cookbook:

Many are allergic to eggs and can only handle limited protein sources especially after a vegan attempt for years. Go slow and ease into protein and start with fish, then a fowl of your choice and bone broths. This is only a suggestion and always talk with your doctor first.

I eat very limited meats; lamb is my favorite red meat as I digest it best. Pork is seldom and beef is now and then. I eat a lot of veggies and I have tried heavy protein for a couple of years and always felt good and grew ample muscles and leaned out, but the REAL REASON this happened for my body was the lowering of carbs. Now I eat all the carbs I wants as my metabolism has amped up tremendously and can burn anything well. My labs (blood work) are stable and fantastic all due to this.

Gluten-free and grain-free flours are everywhere and available in many stores and online. No stopping you these days.

I offer counseling and simple on-point packages and if you need help just ask. I take on 1-2 clients a month as time permits; I love to help. You can email me via my contact page and I can send you the details, but I think the above gives you a good idea on how you could proceed with your doctor’s approval.

Tell me how it goes and best of luck.



I hope the above sheds more light on the transition from vegan to paleo and helps you or someone close to you. Feel free to also visit my eBook page where you’ll find several more resources that will help you in your quest for good health, fitness and quality of life.

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at Tina (at)

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