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Filet Mignon for the Holidays

Filet Mignon for the Holidays

This is the holiday season. There’s plenty of meals built around turkey, duck, ham and even some incredible large pot meals. Well you know me, I decided to create something a bit different. How about an incredibly easy yet top-of-the-line recipe? Filet Mignon for the holidays!

The filet is from the most tender, smallest and most desirable end of the tenderloin. The tenderloin is not called “tender” for no darn reason. You get the idea. Being that it is the most desirable it is also the most expensive. This is the holidays so we splurge a little – right?! So, why not enjoy one of the finest homemade meals. If you do you will not be spending 2-5 times the money for the same cut at a restaurant. Ah ha, got your attention now.

Filet mignon for the holidays

The average steer or heifer can give us no more than 500 grams or 17 ounces of filet mignon. Because that muscle is sitting in an area that is not weight-bearing, the connective tissue is less, so that is what makes it so incredibly tender. The filet is usually not as flavorful so it is often served wrapped in bacon or is served with a sauce. All just trying to enhance the flavor.

Filet mignon for the holidays2

Please follow the recipe below on cooking it to your preference of heat or, better yet, follow this helpful guide if you have a meat thermometer.

My recipe below is loaded with flavor. You will be happy you tried it and made something different for one of your holiday season meals.

Filet mignon for the holidays3

To complement the meal, I would suggest something to satisfy your sweet tooth (but not too sweet!) like my paleo chocolate decadent cake. In fact, you may be interested in my eBook all about decadent delights such as the above.

Happy Holidays!

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