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Interview with Jennifer Fugo of Gluten Free School

Interview with Jennifer Fugo of Gluten Free School

A little while back I was thrilled to be invited onto the Gluten Free School podcast with Jennifer Fugo. Jennifer is such a wonderful and impressive woman, doing so much good to inform the people about gluten sensitivity and the gluten free diet. Jennifer has been so successful at getting the word out there about gluten sensitivity that she was featured on the Dr. Oz show among other shows and publications.

Jennifer’s podcast Gluten Free School on her website has featured such amazing guests as JJ Virgin, Alessio Fasano MD, Amy Myers MD and the incredible David Perlmutter MD author of the best-selling book Grain Brain. I was very honored to be featured among such notable individuals in the gluten-free and paleo community.

In our intimate 45-minute conversation we talk all about paleo. The big question that many celiacs and others with gluten intolerance have is, why? If cutting out the gluten does not have you feeling 100% better, what then?

As a long time celiac and paleo advocate, I was more than delighted to be able to share with Jennifer what “going paleo” had done for me and what it can do for the many, many people out there who are finding that gluten-free is not enough. What the diet and lifestyle have done for my health and my life have just been remarkable and I love any chance I get to share it with others.

We got a chance to cover so many things, including Paleo Food Lists, differences between the paleo and gluten-free diets, and some recipes to get you started. (I’ll let you know, some of my favorites include Paleo High Fiber Bread and Raw Vanilla Cheezecake with Orange Berry Sauce. ) There’s nothing better than realizing that you are not really giving up the best things in life! You can have amazing food and be healthy!

I had a wonderful time with Jennifer on this podcast interview. Such a wonderful woman on a fantastic mission! Just one of the many interviews I have done that I wanted to share with you. Also check out my interviews on Transitioning to Paleo and The Healthy Theory.

And check out any of my many eBooks to learn more about how the Paleo-ish diet can improve your life!

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