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Paleo Baking Mixes – Paleoful Cookies

Paleo Baking Mixes – Paleoful Cookies

I am always one to enjoy a healthy paleo treat and a mix that is all ready for my use is ideal, even when I travel. The idea of paleo baking mixes always grabs my interest as I love to bake! I was surprised to find a paleo baking mix from Paleoful not loaded with a bunch of crap or disguised behind packaging terms as paleo. How about a chocolate chip cookie that is made with almond flour or a chewy chocolate chip mix made with sunflower seed flour? Both with instructions offering your choice of liquid and oil? This only gets better!

Lauren founded Paleoful (read more about her in this interview), a company devoted to sharing mixes that have a unique premise: healthy, more allergy-conscious and less glycemic than many premade “treats” out there. Sound good? Tastes even better. I made these cookies a variety of ways (ice cream sandwiches for a kids party, cookie balls rolled in cacao for an adult party and of course Lauren’s own recipes simply and perfectly explained on the adorable packaging). I consider her not only a genius but a gal who made an unfortunate situation in her life turn into a business which is ethical yet cares for many others who need more than just another treat.

We all agree there are many treats and snacks on store shelves these days with the words paleo, caveman, primal and the like in their titles. I am somewhat saddened they are purchased by those usually less familiar with paleo or someone hungry in line at the checkout stand. Hint: read the ingredients and read the sugar content folks! Many (not all) are loaded with high sugar content, very high carbohydrates per serving or really have the potential to spike the blood sugar, create and pack on fat and cause inflammation! I am so pleased to have found Paleoful, having made their treats and enjoyed them and now being able to share how I feel about these incredible paleo baking mixes. Their website is

Believe me, you will not be disappointed if you try them. Be sure and follow the instructions and you will not go wrong. Enjoy a couple of other varieties to her recipes after you enjoy the ones on the package.  Also, you definitely will want to know about her delicious brownie mix as well – read my review about Paleo Brownies.

By the way, have a look at my eBook page for tips and advice for the health-conscious and helpful information regarding the paleo diet. Hope it helps you!


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