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Paleoful Brownies

Paleoful Brownies

Lauren has an amazing knack for creating delicious goodies in her kitchen. I recently interviewed her and also wrote about her on the Paleoful Baking Mixes- Paleoful Cookies page – I obviously cannot say enough about her cookies. To have her Paleoful Brownies at my disposal to bake, eat and even create new paleo recipes with was a treat literally and figuratively.

These contain minimal ingredients yet are full of flavor and very easy and quick to make even at the last minute. The necessary ingredients are ones we are all sure to have in our own kitchens so no “hunting” and shopping for odd items. I have been presented with that difficulty at times over the years.

I can smell the warm chocolate in the air now. These brownies are rich and full of flavor and the texture is spot-on – the perfect paleo dessert. They are sweetened with organic coconut sugar and chocolate chips made from evaporated cane juice and nonalcoholic chocolate liquor. Each bit has a little burst of richness that is totally satisfying. Washing these babies down with a nice glass of homemade almond milk would be the perfect finishing touch!

All of the details about the ingredients are easily found on the website’s SHOP page.

I cannot praise Lauren and her brownies enough. Yum all the way, every delectable bite.  You can even win a package for a limited time!  Check out my Paleomazing Giveaway page for more details.

If you’re into decadent chocolate goodies, be sure to also check out my eBook entitled: Decadent Chocolate & Cacao Recipes and Delights. Lots of fun recipes in there! Enjoy!

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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