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Paleo CHOCOLATE Recipe Wins a Contest!

Paleo CHOCOLATE Recipe Wins a Contest!

My recipe Paleo Chocolate Banana Split NutButter in a Cup wins a contest!  I’m elated! This dessert has no sugar, few carbs, antioxidant-rich chocolate, good fats and protein – and grain-free of course. Good heavens, how can decadent taste SOOO good and be healthy all in one cup?

This paleo, gluten free recipe was chosen as a winner on Instagram along with two other really terrific gals and their “nut butter recipes”. Instagram has quite a lot going on in the foodie world and I really love it! One of my favorite activities on Instagram is the various contests. This particular weekly contest was put on by @njstramfam, @deliciouslyfitnhealthy and @hungryfoodies and the well-known company, Vitacost. These 3 ladies inspire and challenge people to create delicious recipes and share them. I was pretty darn excited to be chosen as one of three winners out of many. You can imagine how many; it’s Instagram after all!

I feature many images with recipes on my IG account so be sure to follow me there! I get really excited after cooking or baking up a storm and I end up posting many recipes on IG, which never end up on this site or just aren’t up yet on this site.

Here’s a few other recipes that are kind of fun and definitely on the quick side for busy people: No Dairy Alfredo Sauce and Paleo Hummus Momma Style.

Email me with any questions and take a look at my eBooks page to view my many books on the helpful subjects of paleo and health in general. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Paleo CHOCOLATE Recipe Wins a Contest!

  1. Suzanne

    I saw that your recipe had won in this contest when I needed to do a Google search. It was RIGHT there for me, based I suppose, on my searching of your pages and recipes, etc. Still, I was delighted to see that, and to read the article. You deserve to win. You place so much effort on making things right for our bodies, and provide us with recipes that also meet our demands for sweet cravings. I know for me, its the only way I manage to stay on track. Thanks Tina.


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