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The Coffee Explosion – Puro

The Coffee Explosion – Puro

Lucky me and now lucky you! I recently had the pleasure of trying some of Puro’s coffees. Like most of you, I care loads about where coffee is sourced, how it’s grown, fair wages for growers and even humane treatment, not to mention mold and toxins. For my Bulletproof recipe each morning I want to always select and use the best in my body.  As you will soon find out, I have found one hell of a company and that is why this will enrich our lives – the Puro coffee explosion!

As a first step I want to be honest with you and grab your attention. Warning, it may make you shed some tears of joy as well as open your eyes to why this very company has touched me so.  Puro is at the forefront of buying and protecting rain forests and actively working alongside the World Land Trust, whose patron is Sir David Attenborough. For every cup of coffee sold, money is given to buy and protect areas of rainforest in South America. To date, Puro has saved over 5,600 acres (approximately 6,000 football fields) of rainforest across 3 Puro reserves in Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia with the help of their loyal clients. Watch this video (below) filmed in the South American Rainforests, and filmed recently by Puro about their ongoing projects. This company works from the heart and is absolutely aware that this planet is our future.

Ok, now let’s chat about coffee! First of all you need to know I had quit drinking coffee after my trip to Europe 4 years ago. I came back to the States and just could not find a coffee that did not hurt my tummy (I am celiac and have sensitive digestion too), did not cause me jitters, or some sort of sludgy feeling inside. Believe me, I tried many as I deal with many restaurants and cafés and have many friends and partners in this arena.

The 4 coffee blends I received were all absolutely delicious and no doubt very high-quality blends. My hands down favorite was the Puro Organic Coffee, embodying a rich, extremely smooth, chocolatey flavor with just a hidden hint of sweet. Not one of them was bitter, bland or offensive in even the slightest bit. In my perfect world I would mostly drink Puro’s Organic Coffee and would alternate now and then with the Puro Organic Fuerte. I enjoy my coffee alongside many paleo meals, but I especially enjoy it with a slice of one of my warm Strawberry Surprise Muffins or a slice of Paleo Banana Bread slathered with delicious ghee. Could this be the perfect coffee company, or maybe even the perfect coffee?

Puro Coffee Pour

I went a step further and tested these coffees with a number of others in Los Angeles and Florida. In Los Angeles we tend to be slight coffee snobs as we have some terrific roasters all up and down the Pacific coast, with most all coffee being available in LA. We cannot deny that in LA we tend to hang out in cafés as much as we can. In Florida we have more of a mixed bag as it is hot between May and August and coffee is definitely a desired taste, but not a “fashion” like it is in LA. So, heck I figured I’d give it a go. I also tested the coffee with some baristas, café owners, a large Los Angeles wholesale bakery owner and senior manager of 12 cafes and small coffee shop type restaurants. Hands down, they all loved Puro!

Jenna Turner, owner of Susina Bakery, Sunset Junction and Chango Coffee in the hip and popular Echo Park neighborhood had this to say about Puro Organic: “The flavor is really impeccable; tops. I find the coffee to be extremely smooth, nice and rich, somewhat bold and not even a hint of that offensive acid flavor. I am very impressed! I’d love to see Puro in the States.”

That is right, as of this writing Puro seems to be available everywhere except where I live, in the good ol’ USA. It is not yet in distribution through direct stores in the USA. Damn! But good news always follows. They are available through their online store, link below.

Andy Orchard, Puro’s Marketing Representative shared this with me: It may well be that you have already come across us (although we don’t have our own coffee shops), as we supply some of the UK’s leading chains of cafes and restaurants, such as National Trust, Le Pain Quotidien, Leon, and Gourmet Burger Kitchen, amongst many others. We are widely available in mainland Europe, Africa, Australasia and recently in Canada, and are currently looking for a US distributor. We also have an online shop

Puro Coffee Grower

So, when I first learned of Puro I shed tears of joy, and then I tasted their coffees and fell in love with coffee all over again. I am on a semi-quest to ask anyone to help Puro find a USA Distributor that aligns with humane and environmental causes, and that would love to see Puro nationwide and available in our homes and cafés.  My sincere and simple request. Just share the news if you will.

Puro Love

Remember, I had quit coffee over the past 4 years and had tried a cup now and then and, well now I know where I can get a perfect cup that is healthy, tastes delicious and gives my body no distress and doesn’t throw my hormones and diet out of whack.

Puro is helping to build a more balanced future through ethical means and the most delicious coffee I have tasted to date!Puro Logo

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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