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Tina’s Dairy-Free Bulletproof Coffee and Leaning Out

Tina’s Dairy-Free Bulletproof Coffee and Leaning Out

I do not do well with dairy no matter how much I love that creamy taste, but I do well with a certified ghee, guaranteed to be free of all casein and lactose.

I love the WHOLE Bulletproof Coffee idea yet I still favor my version of the Bulletproof recipe without the ghee or grass-fed butter. You can read all about how I make my recipe and give it a try if you’d like. This is definitely helpful in my leaning out and how I can accomplish getting lean when I slip up… good to know if you’re trying to lose weight.

I generally drink one cup a day. Sometimes I may drink a second if it is early enough and if I have really worked out a bit to get some more of that good oil fast and furiously into my system. I love fat!

Someone wrote in asking what I do to “lean out”, so here it is in all its glory:

I generally wake after 9 hours sleep. I have had sleep troubles now and then but not a big deal if I stay off the computer at night and calm things down in my life. As I love what I do, I feel sleep is a total waste of time!

I move around a bit and do little odds and ends and then eventually make my own recipe version of Bulletproof coffee. I do sometimes need to reheat it after I do the high-speed blender as I like it hot!

Some days I will eat an egg or an egg and some cilantro or an egg and half a piece of Julian’s Paleo bread (coconut only – I do not like the almond). I eat a half as that is about all I can handle as they are pretty dry and I eat it only for a tad of texture, or I will have a Paleo muffin I’ve made.

I usually add my Omega 3 oils on top of the bread to soak it up.

I then head out soon after that to do weights (upper or lower, meaning arms and back or the thighs, butt and legs) or I go for a hike.

Leaning Out 1

I love to “move” my body – luckily!

Before I hit the gym or hills I always: drink a good tablespoon of L-Carnitine, a teaspoon of BCAA+G and a small scoop of D-Ribose. You can read why I use these, because the difference before and after I added them has been major!

Right after the workout or hike I do the direct above steps (L-Carnitine, BCAA+G and D–Ribose) again to help my recovery and will sometimes add a teaspoon of Pure Collagen.

Shortly after, I have a satisfying meal with protein and veggies.

As the day and evening move on, I’m usually a bit more attentive to keeping the fruits and carbs lower if I have slipped into the flabby and mushy syndrome a bit too much. If not, I eat what I want yet I prefer to have less sugars and carbs in the system overall. I feel more stable and have terrific energy with a more fat burning body versus my previous mostly carb burning body. I do not ever attempt a keto diet or a no carb diet.

I drink lots of water and fill a GLASS jug with H20 two times a day if I am good.

Leaning Out 2

I hold my core when I sit and walk – no situps!

I do and feel much better when I keep my exercise in and will never be one to say that I am naturally lean and fit and never have to work at it. That would be a lie.

I do have to work at it and that is just a fact I have come to know and respect.

To learn more about the above topics be sure to visit my eBook page which is loaded with quite a bit of helpful information. I hope this helps and if you have any questions just ask me.

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at Tina (at)

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