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Tired of Eggs for Breakfast?

Tired of Eggs for Breakfast?

Many people write in asking what can be eaten for a gluten-free or paleo breakfast besides eggs. Some are allergic or have a severe sensitivity to eggs and this is quite cumbersome to them, especially after a more recent diagnosis. Whether you are sensitive or just at a loss for ideas, you might enjoy a few new ideas and facts about “breakfast” itself.

Please understand that eggs for breakfast is very “American” and not what we have eaten if you go years back. Europeans have soups, Chinese have broths and noodles, and Russians have root vegetables and meat, like my Paleo Chuck Roast. We are weird as we are stuck in ways that make no sense! Kids would never sit and eat a plateful of eggs every morning. It was “taught” to us and it is “fed” to us in media, via advertising, on menus and the like. I love eggs so don’t get me wrong, this is to just state that the idea that ONLY eggs are the acceptable breakfast food is just incorrect.

OK, so what can we eat beside the sunny side, benedict or scrambled usual? Here are some ideas:

How about some sautéed fish in coconut oil or grass-fed butter, a grass-fed burger with homemade mayo, or small salads with shrimp – check out these salmon fillet recipes for inspiration – really, the list goes on. Veggie shakes with all sorts of goodies in them – even Spirulina or Chlorella. It all depends on your goals of weight, fat and muscle tone, and of course your present health situation and when and if you work out or go to work right afterwards, etc.

It simply takes thinking out of the “norm”. I know many of us think nothing of having eggs or a slice of quiche for dinner. So why not reverse it and have a small organic salad with a paleo salad dressing and a small patty for breakfast?

If you live on the farm or ranch and have daily fresh eggs ready for the picking, by all means I am going to be your new best friend and come over and stay with you for a while.  Just drop me a line and I am there… 🙂 You say, “Eggs every day”. Heck, no problem.

Write me with any questions. I hope this helps.

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at Tina (at)

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