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Coffee Bean Meets Ghee

Coffee Bean Meets Ghee

Wow, ghee made for any bulletproof coffee or paleo coffee is an incredible idea! This is a unique, delicious blend of grass-fed organic cultured ghee mixed with energizing medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil made from coconut and palm. It does not contain any coffee or caffeine, but it certainly is appropriate to title this, Coffee Bean Meets Ghee as the two are a delicate balance of perfection using Coffee ++. The company batch-tests for casein-, lactose-, whey- and gluten! Hello gluten and dairy sensitive, intolerant or celiacs. Do you hear this?! 🙂 NO more worries about cross-contamination either.

Here is a simple list of the health Ingredients: grass-fed organic cultured ghee, 8-carbon and 10-carbon medium-chain triglycerides from coconut and/or palm kernel.

My husband is hooked and asked me to stock up on more! My assistant has severe dairy intolerance (bad tummy aches and distress) and had NO reaction to this COFFEE++, whereas she did have a reaction with the other ghees we tried. I am not able to tolerate ghee. As many celiacs I do not have the enzymes to digest casein or lactose and I did fine on this as well as their cultured ghee. I still prefer the taste of my version of bulletproof coffee, using only high MCT coconut oil in my coffee sans the butter, but it was delicious!

Here is what Sandeep, the owner of Pure Indian Foods has to share, “We’re excited about combining coffee with butter! That’s because our Coffee++ is the first ever paleo creamer for coffee that blends organic ghee with energizing medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.”

He went on to say, “If you follow a paleo diet, coffee with a creamy taste is no longer an issue. Just stir Coffee++ into hot coffee for a smooth, satisfying and totally invigorating experience designed to power you through your day with clarity, focus, and energy. It tastes fantastic whether you drink it as is, add a favorite spice, or use a natural sweetener.”

Are you curious about the name? They came up with Coffee++ because it’s a combination of two ingredients that seriously enhance coffee by providing an instant and lasting energy boost. The effect is a double positive (++). If coffee is not your thing, try it in hot tea, spiced chai, hot milk, or broth.

Coffee Bean Meets Ghee

Sandeep and his lovely wife are co-owners of and make all their ghees fresh in New Jersey. All from secured grass-fed farms in various nearby states. The cultured ghee is nothing new to them, nor is butter in a tea or coffee. Sandeep went on to say, “Adding ghee butter to tea or coffee is no new trend. Making a yak butter tea has been a tradition in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet, and India for many years and Moroccans have been using fermented butter called smen in their coffee as well.”

I am really pleased to have had the opportunity to use the COFFEE++ and to share this with the many people who will enjoy the ease, safety, health benefits and flavor of such a fine consumer available product. For a real treat, mix COFFEE++ with your coffee and also enjoy my almond flour banana bread. Delicious!

I have to add that this company is one of the most ethical companies I have dealt with over my many years in the food business. The owners stand behind what they produce and sell and support others in the same and similar arena. I have never heard them “step down” and utter one sour word about another’s company or another’s ghee, and I respect this business sense immensely.

Pure Indian Foods is at peace with what they are producing and it shows, as the quality of their products is stellar. I support this company wholeheartedly.

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